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Bring Bastions Back (Just with some changes)

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Alright bad idea #2 (find bad idea #1 here)

Self explanatory: Bring back the bastions gamemode just with some tweaks

The tweaks:

  1.  Divide fort health by 2 (basically bring down fort health from 200,000 to 100,000)
  2. Divide fort damage by 4 (basically the damage would become 1/4 what it was previously)
  3. The gamemode would be split up into two 1-week sessions (tier 6 for week 1, tier 8 for week 2)

Some other ideas that could possibly implemented:

  1. Have an airfield that you can capture along with a capture point. Once captured, AI planes will begin launching attacks on enemies <8 km away (a lot like the land-based air attacks on the Dunkirk operation)
  2. Have a "port" be capture-able. Once captured (along with a capture point), the port will spawn 3 AI pt boats that will attack enemies <4 km away (a lot like the S-100s on the Dunkirk operation)
  3. Have a capture-able dry-dock. Once captured, allied ships within a 1 km radius will be slowly healed (like +150 hp/sec) a lot like the one that gets unlocked in Narai

This would add some diversity to the gamemode and would actually add some reason to get caps



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PvP players disliked Bastion mode and complained about it. I always thought it should be added to PvE and tweaked where the forts were hostile and just had to be destroyed instead of reduced and then switching to the Human team.

IMHO adding more aircraft to PvP using Bastion mode would lead to even more complaints from players than the original incarnation. 

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5 hours ago, Lord_Magus said:

That's CVs.

Dont get me started on the "Click boom air jockeys".

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