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Triple coal drop!

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Since it comes up periodically, got the elusive triple coal drop this Valentine's day (February 14) morning at approximately 09:30 US Eastern time.  

A pleasant surprise for a snowy morning... somebody at WG likes me?  Should I be happy or very concerned?

Fair winds and following seas!

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Its a computer.

You pull a box, its contents has already been determined and will be issued.


Put another way...

A digital slot machine in a casino. You put a coin in, pull lever and the wheel spins. Whoo hoo. But the thing is this... there is a random number generating chip racing at very high speeds between a value of 1 to 255 in binary. When your hand touched the lever and moved it enough, a number has come up and is assigned by the game instantly to win, loss or push. The wheel, music and all of the lights is just for YOU to sit and anticipate what might win. The game is already over at that point. The machine knows long before you do what you are getting, if anything.

That will be another dollar. Play again?


The day that I pull a box from a video games and our dear human overlords have the power to determined what I, a little gamer peon will get or not get in real time because they think I have paid enough into the game company? That will be the last day I play this game or any game product.


Why? because once I find that particular Human Being by name in charge of issuing box prizes, I can go proceed to corrupt same for goodies.

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