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Sometimes fortunes shift.

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RNG worked itself into a corner with this one. Ended up having to have me on the team with the folks I definitely should not be playing with. Just so happens that the break put 2-3 super good ones, who essentially swept the entire other team. I am sure it was grand I bet I could savor it with a replay, even though I left once I sank. And that was very early if you are wondering. At first I was surprised to see a victory, and looking at the numbers tells us why.


And to do it even worse, the person who scored a Kraken, was 5th! Who was nearly out scored two-to-one.

I am a moth in the fire of those players, why? ;p

I'd rather play along with people, rather than shoot at them. Granted it has it's place. But when you really have one and a half options, that includes Op's,&Co-OP as a single half.

Mostly a fruitless effort. Random dumpsters is another.

The discrepancy is too vast, and playable content is not monetarily appealing. Seems like an impasse.

The playmode is pretty fantastic, the business model less so. Keep your online empire, and sell a local at home version, please.

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If you have crappy ships and cannot hit anything to matter, you get sunk.

So solly, so sad. Better luck next map.


Seriously RNG as designed by WG for Wows is a large part of the problem. No one can kill anything much. IF they did, the nerfs come or outright removals.

Suppose there was no RNG to speak of. ANY of those ships will feel like a predator of the sea rather than a fluffy bunny to be forked and eaten when finally caught in some corner as prey.

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