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Game repeatedly freezes, many times without recovering

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Hi all, I looked through past posts regarding game freezes and crashes, and didn't find anything similar enough.
Freezes occur at any time, in port, in loading screen for game, in game, and in after-game reports. These freezes make the game unclosable within the client, I cannot alt-tab to another application (like task manager for instance), without moving to a different desktop in windows 10. if I hit the close button, sometimes if it recovers from the freeze, it sticks at the "do you want to quit?" screen with yes or no, and no amount of clicks of either button does anything. These freezes last at least one minute, and at most, never stop (longest I've waited to close was 15 minutes).

What I've done to try and find a fix, in loosely the chronological order:
Updated GPU drivers
check game files
set graphics to lowest settings, frame capped at 75fps
reset GPU overclock to 0% over stock
close all background apps (malwarebytes, ccleaner, icue, spotify, etc.)
close all browser applications
reset CPU overclock to stock

none of these have helped, unfortunately, has anyone had a similar issue, and had a fix? any other ideas? Thanks in advance

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I experience similar issues in battle, but those freezes usually last no longer than 30 seconds before recovery. Never had one not unfreeze.
I'm no GPU expert, but I always assumed this was because my GPU (Intel UHD 620 integrated graphics) was very very low end and couldnt handle WoWs at times.
Perhaps your GPU is similarly low end? If the GPU itself is the issue, then you cant do much other than get a better one.
Maybe try reinstalling the game?

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