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Could WoWs do "Up the Line" missions like they do in WoT?

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19 minutes ago, Ahskance said:

The issue with your terminology is that we've already had folks trying to draw comparison to World of Tanks time-based things, which is not something we have in this game (outside of Premium Time anyway).

I know that what I am about to say is rather off topic, but you did mention "draw comparison to WoT", so I'm going to use that as a wedge to say something here.

One thing that WoT does that WoWS doesn't do is "up the line" (may be the EU server term, and if so I don't remember what the NA server term is) missions that focus on a single tech tree line for a period of time, during which there are bonuses for playing those ships as well as discounts on the ships in the given line.  Now, in all honesty, I have every line up to tier 10, except for the German BC line (at tier 9), the RU and German CV lines, and the new PA CL line, which isn't fully released yet.  So, the benefit to me is probably minimal.  But I thought that I'd mention it as I've always felt that it was a nice thing about the way WoT does things and could be done here in WoWS.  

IIRC, I don't recall these "up the line" events as being used for newly released lines.  Rather, they were used for already well established lines to give newer players a chance to more quickly grind those "veteran" lines.

Anyways, just a thought/suggestion.

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I remember those (six years ago). If you’ve completed tech tree lines don’t you get something similar with RB and reset?  

Still would be be neat.

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