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Gold Ranked Battles Education

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I had a good run in silver league last week and made it to the qualifiers for gold league where I am/was getting thoroughly schooled. I apologize to all those on my teams, because I was rarely a positive contribution. The level of play was great,  and I really did learn from the stupid things I did that didn't work (with me sunk and at the bottom of the list). 

Things I learned:

1) Gold league teams don't panic. If you think you can rush someone down to catch them off guard, you can't and they will have a back up to help focus you down. 

2) You can't do the same thing every battle on a given map and expect it to work. The other team knows how to adjust,  so you have to adjust too. 

3) You can't stay in one area for a whole battle and get away with it or someone will find your flank and punish you.  Fire a couple of salvos, then move.

4) The other team will not go where you expect them to. You need to not go where they expect you to (especially in a DD).

I'm sure I learned a lot more from a rough weekend, but that summarizes the main points. I am happily retiring back to silver league for the remainder of the season...

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YMMV, not all Gold League teams are as strong or cohesive as the ones you must have run into. But you got the most important part down, which is to learn from the experience you got. Good luck, and hope you can put what you've gained into practice to give it another shot soon.

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Dead ships do no damage.

If you think charging in to suicide kill one other opponent is a good choice then you are making the wrong choice.

The mouthiest player in your chat is usually the stupidest player on your team.  Learn how to block their messages.

Never give up, you never know when at the worst your team is at that the enemy team will somehow try to find a way to lose it.

Ranked 1 Gold means absolutely nothing, it's just an arbitrary number that WG wants you to grind your butt off and use all your resources to try to get to.  If you get R1 Gold, then great, but if you don't, just try to have fun.

Learn all you can, Ranked is probably the best training ground for when you go back to randoms.  Don't believe me?  Just look at how well you do in matches right after the end of the ranked season.

Anyways, Good Luck!

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