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my thoughts on the omaha

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I have had quite a few games in the Omaha and so far it has been lots of fun. The rate of fire is great, the speed is good, the armour does not exist. I like to load ap rounds for when I fight battleships and cruises. One of the big advantages I have seen on this thing is that if a battleship has a choice between you and another battleship they will shoot the battleship. Which is good because it means he is not shutting at you but you can shoot him. The torpedos are also quite good. Being able to fire torpedos can give you a edge in a close range fight. Thought I advice you don't go to close to battleships so that they will hit you with every shell. In my experience I like to stay at least 8 kilometres away.

Overall I think this is a great cruiser and I will defiantly buy it again when open beta begins. :)


Pros: good speed, torpedos, good gun, good rate of fire, not seen as a threat by battleships lots of the time.

Cons: no armour, small top spread, limited guns able to fire at targets when facing forward and backwards.

Btw this is all subject to my experience and my very between different users.


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