1:13 to get to the daily rewards screen - I also need to mention I do use some mods. First game tonight was rough - machine acting as if I had low amounts of available ram (I had over 4 gigs out of 16 gigs free - so that was not the issue).  Looked at Resource Monitor and saw no latency issues or packetloss but I fired up tracert for the IP address in Resource Monitor and saw that RR back bone (Spectrum cable) had increasing latency till it got to about 102-105 ms.  The ping counter in the game was fluctuating but never got into the 50 ms.  We also had a late loading DD and I would bet that was from latency as well. I shut the game down and then restarted the game.  Time to get to the port was 1:24.70.  Did another tracert (different IP address) got a different route but do have latency.  Resource Monitor also saw latency of over 100 ms. and another trace:     7:40 PM EST not any better:   So YES - there is latency out there BEFORE the WG servers.  And yes - it decidedly CAN affect login time as well and as to be expected.