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Supertest admission

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Hello commanders,

You can apply for participation in the World of Warships in this thread. Before applying, read this thread and short FAQ.

Requirements for SuperTest candidates:

To be considered, SuperTest candidates should meet the following requirements:

  • You are fluent in written English and can understand spoken English.
  • You have a Supertest Academy certificate
  • Your application should be done through the application form. Applications submitted not according to the form are automatically rejected.
  • Game experience in World of Warships:
    • at least 1000 PvP (Random) battles in your profile stats
    • not less than 200 random battles on 3 (of 5) different ship classes
    • 100 battles on tier X ships (in any PvP battle type) of any class.
  • Game statistics of the candidate at the time of consideration and processing of the application must be open for viewing. Applications from candidates with closed statistics or with access by link won’t be considered!
  • Decent behavior on the forum and in the game - before deciding on the application, we will check the candidate for violations of the game rules and forum rules for a certain period. In case of exceeding a certain number (closed information of the Supertest, no comments are given) of violations, the application is rejected.
  • You are 18 years old or older.
  • Headset for communicating in TeamSpeak/Discord

Application form:

  1. Supertest Academy certificate number issued to you.
  2. Do you have any experience in testing games?
  3. Detailed answer to the question: Why do you want to become a Supertester?
  4. Typical period in which you can attend Supertest sessions, it usually goes from 08:00 PM ET to 10:00 PM ET you can come later and/or leave earlier but period stays the same.
  5. Are you a volunteer for another World of Warships team? If so, which one?

Your application needs to look like this.


1. Question being asked.

A: Your answer.

2. Question being asked.

A: Your answer.

Application processing:

  1. Any application in this thread is visible only to the candidate, developers, ST coordinators and section moderators. The candidate cannot see other people's applications.
  2. Each message you leave in this thread is considered an application, questions, other comments, and statements are ignored. Be careful when filling out the application in accordance with the form and if there is a need to supplement and/or change your application, then use the message editing function.
  3. All the main work on the selection of candidates is carried out by the Supertest Coordinators - they can be recognized by the corresponding forum group.
  4. If the application is rejected, a comment is added to its text, indicating the reason. When a user has 3 rejected applications, his candidacy is not considered for the next three months.
  5. If the application is accepted, a comment is added to the application text (your message is edited), and the candidate is sent a personal message with instructions on further steps.
  6. If the Supertest candidate at the time of submitting the application is already a member of the "Contributor" or "Moderator" volunteer groups, the application will not be processed because responsibilities for supertest are not compatible with other volunteer groups for the same product. 

Thank you for your attention, we are waiting for your applications. If you have any further questions, please ask them in the "Supertest - FAQ" thread.

Action stations!

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