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Supertest Academy

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Hello commanders,

We are opening admission to the Supertest Academy

The main goals of the Academy are describing and explaining the main tasks of the Supertest group, types of testing, sharing methods for finding game errors and reporting them correctly for further consideration and correction, explanation of how to provide feedback correctly.
In fact, this is a learning process, the application of which you will later find for yourself.

Training is divided into three main stages:
Tasks and methods - theory course

  • The main goals of the group
  • What/why/how we test
  • Questions and answers


  • What is feedback and its value
  • Feedback: how and why?
  • Feedback: structure (formatting and standards)
  • Practical tasks

Bug report

  • What is bug report and its value
  • Bugreport: tools
  • Bugreport: describing steps of reproduction
  • Bugreport: preparing the necessary files
  • Practical tasks

You can apply for Supertest Academy in this topic.
You must be 18 or older to apply for Supertest Academy.
To participate in the Supertest Academy, you must have an account with the WGC.
Test tasks given during training are submitted on the Supertest forum.
Currently, you can only register on the Supertest forum with a WGC account.
We are working on the possibility of registering on the Supertest forum from an account registered in Steam.
We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

The training takes place in Discord. One of the Supertest Academy curators will send you an invitation to the server.

Upon completion of the training, each participant who has successfully passed all three main stages, receives an electronic version of the Supertest Academy certificate.
The certificate allows you to join the Supertest group, if desired.
Admission to the Supertest group without an Academy certificate is not possible.
Each certificate has a unique number that will need to be named upon entry.
Important! The certificate is assigned to a specific player's account.

Dates of admission, closing of admission, dates and times of lectures will be published as a separate topic in the Supertest Academy forum section.
Topic is configured in a special way so that each participant sees only the announcement post and their own reply to the topic.

Group enrollment is open for 1 month. At the end of the recruitment, the admission is temporarily suspended (the topic is closed).

For the recruitment of the new wave of Supertest Academy participants a new topic is created in the same section as the previous one.

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