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Camera shake when target has a collision

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It has been in the game forever but remembered it again after watching a replay.   When targeting an enemy and that enemy has a collision with another ship.  My targeting shakes like I'm the one in a collision.  It is is annoying and disorienting and unfairly makes aiming harder against that target.

It is a silly bug but one that is annoying.  I'd imagine most people have experienced it, but most likely don't remember to say anything about it by the time they get out of the battle.

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Hi Sinsie,

Attempting to explain to you the situation on my own opinion, got nothing to do with WG role i am part taking.


Assuming you have your setting on the aims "following the target movement", so when the target in collision, it trying to simulate the collision of 2 object hitting each other (best example in coop game, bot dd ramming each other), therefore the aiming also shake trying to simulate the movement of the collision.

If it annoying, when you tunnel vision and a quick glance outside of tunnel vision you know it going to be collision change your priority target to different ship. Or dont look at them when they collide.



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It is a simulation of camera personnel falling off ships. WG uses many camera personnel and they often get hit by shells on your own ship or other ships. 

Try to refrain shooting at islands as that is a prime spot for a camera crew. It is not uncommon to see them roll down the hill and splash into the water. 

Just be glad that WG doesn't rotoscope or stop motion the photography in game. It would be hilarious, but if you are taking that shot, then it is annoying. 

Note: the following above statements may be true or false.

The problem is: Some players struggle to know the difference or to see the humor. 

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