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Tournament Sat 9-18 Prize:1250 Doubloons NA Only

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Signup: https://play.toornament.com/en_US/tournaments/4956734552569774080/
Format: 1v1, Tier 8, 10 min matches
Map: Big Race, Epicenter
Ship Type: Any
Tournament size will be finalized one hour before game time, once all participants check-in. However, the number of brackets will not exceed six, including both Grand Final rounds. Seeding based on signup order.

Structure: Double Elimination w Grand Finals
Structure Description: Will generate a double Grand Finals, between the Upper and Lower Bracket winners. From here, two cases will occur:
-The Upper Bracket winner wins the round, he is the winner of the Grand Finals, of the stage (and maybe of the tournament), and the second round of the Grand Finals is removed
-The Lower Bracket winner wins the round, the Grand Finals is reset, and a second round is played between the two participants. The winner of this second round is the Grand Finals winner.

All rounds are Best of Three:
Winners Bracket Round 1 starts at noon central
Winners Bracket Round 2 starts at 1pm central
Loser Bracket Round 1 starts at 12pm central
Loser Bracket Round 2 starts at 1pm central
Loser Bracket Round 3 starts at 2pm central
Loser Bracket Round 4 starts at 3pm central
Grand Final Round 1 starts at 4pm central
Grand Final Round 2 starts at 4:30pm central

Be sure to check-in on tornament.com at least one hour before tourny begins. All seeding is temporary while tourny is being filled. Final seeding will be determined once check-in closes.

Games will be help in-game in the Training Battle room.

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