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Useful tips I have seen and used.

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1.  How to run an intercept course.  I learned this in flight training.  Constant Bearing.  Look at the enemy, and if he is neither drifting left or right in your view, but holding steady in view, you are on an intercept course (or the reverse and are pulling away).  He'll just get bigger, and bigger, and eventually you ram him if neither of you turn.


In fact, this is how the "brains" of air-to-air missiles like the Sidewinder work as well.


Either hit X-key and unlock the target to see if the guy is drifting left or right, or just hold Right Mouse and pull back and see, then turn your ship to null out the drift to get on an intercept course.


2.  Control-X and Shift-X are your friend in a battleship.  They lock your guns onto a constant bearing or your point of aim (so I lock shift-x to a longest range point).  This way you can pre-aim your turrets to a location, and are free to look around without constantly needing to hold right mouse button.


These keys are not in the key binding list.  They're undocumented as far as I know.


It does have one draw back.  You sometimes forget to turn it off and fire your guns into weird directions when aiming at somebody.


3.  Watch where you are going.  Look at your mini-map and steer your white line pointer from the front of your ship to head for clear water.


4.  Torpedoes are not visible from very far, but you can see a tell-tale splash of water next to the firing ship.  If you see that, start turning, change speed, or both.  Assume they've already launched torpedoes and zig-zag at all times when small ships are around.  Changing speed is surprisingly effective as wel


5.  Escort somebody.  There is strength in numbers.  The worst thing is to run into 3 enemy alone and you don't have anybody to blame but yourself.


I'm sure people have more info than that, but this is a good start.

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OooOoOOooOhhh a fellow aviator. Nice to meet you.


The sad thing is with this here mod that we've been jabberin about is that it precludes the need to use the X key to switch targets.

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