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Grinding new lines in 2021

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So WG releases a new line of ships, maybe even the new nation. Let's call it Neanderthals for example. How the grid looks like in 2021?

1) You start by playing some other ships and WG gives you the new ships for free, up to T8.

2) You don't play these new ships and sell them as soon as possible. Low tiers are filled with bots and mid tiers are filled with people who just start learning the game so you don't want to spend much time there anyway.

3) Dockyard event happens where you play other ships and use doubloons, which WG gives you for playing ranked, to get the premium Neanderthal ship.

4) You use coal or complete missions in some other ships to get a special Neanderthal captain. Since you'll need only one captain it better be the special one. All other captains should be executed for ECXP.

5) You use accumulated FXP to research T10 ship of the new line. Since all ships within the line are pretty similar in their design and only become better with tiers, T10 and that dockyard premium are the only two ships you will be actually playing.

6) Variety comes from the coal/steel/RB Neanderthal ships which WG will add soon.


Yes, I know that there are people that play coop and do missions, you are welcome. But that's how my grind looks like in 2021.

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