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Bot aim seems off

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Played a few games in co-op last night to grind through some missions and I noticed the bots aim seems to be off, in some cases, waayyy off.

In one game I was in my DM sailing at about 3/4 speed towards a Montana and I was watching his shots fall way behind me or way ahead. Happened in a few other games as well.

I am not a co-op main so was wondering if any one else noticed this since the last patch?

I know they slow down a lot more now. Bot's that is.

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I noticed this too.  Especially if you have no friendlies nearby - it looked like they were trying to hit the ghost ship behind me.  I was able to rush a couple bot BBs and only took minor secondary damage.  

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This has been noted in other threads. I have seen it myself. Maybe the bot gunners are thrown off by the constant bot speed changes introduce with the patch:cap_haloween:

I don't know if WG has acknowledged the issue (they often don't) or is working to fix it. We are likely stuck with it until 10.7 as it is only a coop problem.


Hopefully they don't over correct where the bots never miss.

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