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Hysterical torpedo warnings

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Is it just me or has the Guy yelling out torpedo warnings become a hysterical nut in the last few days.

In a real navy he would have fallen overboard or assigned counting seals in Greenland.

Seriously did someone up the range that triggers his hysterical screaming?

He starts screaming, so you stop shooting and look around only to see torps way off in the distance and moving away, with a 0% threat even if you tried to get hit.

 it is becoming like the boy who cried wolf and his warnings are 80% worthless nonsense distracting you from combat. It would be funny if it did not stop me from shooting and interfere with combat.

Someone needs to improve the programing and make the warning system more selective and thus the game feature more useful and improve the game


PS placed this here, for a better chance of someone involved in programing to see tit.

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i've gone to muting all of it but the necessary game(guns engines ambient horns) sounds, all voices, etc... gone

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