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Recruit Program

Recruit program  

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    • Up to 1 week from creation
    • Only brand new accounts.

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So, About 5 days ago i created my WoWS account, I found out that a friend of mine plays aswell and so we got to playing together and today we found out about the Recruit program, Community tokens and the benefits. Only problem is. Even though my account is only 5 days old i can't join under him as a recruit. I really don't want to restart and i wanted to get the opinion of anyone who may see this.
Do you think WG is right in only allowing players who create their account with a recruit/invite link?
I personally think that there should be a week from account creation that you can become a recruit cause you're still new to the game. Would a week really hurt the game that much?
Think about it, If you create an account and within a week you find someone or a friend who could be your recruiter. What possibly could be the downside to recruiting someone? Why would we want to start a brand new account if we want to get free rewards with a friend using the recruit program.
I personally think for the first week from the accounts creation you should be allowed to join the recruit program. Within a week you're still a new player.
I'll add a poll and i wanna see what you guys think.
Do you agree with me or agree with WG and how they have it already.

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