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Hello World of Warships & Community.

   I had an idea for a 7th speed option to be added alongside Full, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, Stop, & Full (reverse) and that is an escort speed. If you are in a division or just helping out an ally there is the difficulty of matching speeds whether it is to combine Anti-Aircraft fire, set Smoke Screens, concentrate firepower or just sail with a friend the faster ship has to constantly monitor its speed jumping between throttle selections to keep a steady pace with your division partner or teammate. 

   With Escort Speed you can select that mode and the ship will match the speed of the ship closest to you that has a lower top speed than your ship, giving you a chance to take your focus off monitoring throttle and allow you to enjoy sailing with a ship in your own little taskforce. So you can arrive at a location at the same time, fight together and cover each other while there and travelling to that location. This can benefit Anti-Air defense, assisting ships not sailing ahead of the team to fast and over extending themselves, and if you're a little more historical: having a miniature taskforce. 

   If we take example from Destroyers, Cruisers and Battleships from USA, Great Britain and Japan at tier VI, all those ships if you were to form a division and sail all under the same flag as some kind of miniature squadron, you cannot match speeds with any of the ships you're sailing with.  USS New Mexico has a top speed of 18.5knots and even if the other American tier VIs (USS Farragut (36.5knots) & USS Pensacola (32.5knots))slow down to 1/2 throttle, it still is not a match for  New Mexico so you have to bounce between throttle speeds, while NM just sails ahead full speed. Same goes for HMS Queen Elizabeth (22.3knots), HMS Icarus (35.5knots), & HMS Leander (32.5knots), and IJN Fuso (21.6knots), IJN Hatsuharu (36.5knots),  IJN Fubuki (35.0knots) & IJN Aoba (35.0knots) or any ship at any tier. While some ships between different types can match speed (Fubuki/Aoba) or from the same type (Farragut/Hatsuharu) can match speed. A lot of ships do not match well with speeds even if they're the same type.

   The Escort ability could have all the ships actually go the same speed. The catch to escort speed is if the slow ship you're copying slows down or speeds up then escort will turn off and you would have to reactivate it so the game does not have to try and calculate speed change for 2 ships at once or if you and your division partner/teammate decide to split up. 

   Escort Speed would also work and probably be quite handy in Operations. During escort mission like Raptor Rescue or Narai it is incredibly hard to keep pace with USS Raptor or the Transport ships. With Escort mode you just sail up to Raptor or a Transport ship, turn on escort speed and then sail through the mission while keeping close to the objective ships.

The idea is crude and probably poorly portrayed here, but I have been wanting this concept for a long time.

Thank you for hearing me out.

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