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Credits earned by ships

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Hello everyone!

Is there a way to check how much credits each of your ships earned?

E.g. Ship A played 10 battles, earned 1M credits

Ship B played 20 battles, earned 10M credits.

Obviously, flags and camo matter, but such statistics would be very helpful, for example, to see if a specific tech tree ship earned enough to pay for itself. Or not.

Also that would help to identify personalized top-earning ships, cause stats would vary ship to ship and player to player.


Thank you!

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As far as I am aware, you can only check how many credits a ship earned in battle from the post battle result screen. The cumulative data that you are looking for unfortunately is not kept by the game and it is solely up to the player to note sand keep track of such information. 

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Just log it into a text file.
There's a mod that separates stats on a ship-by-ship basis, but it only
gives gross credits and per battle average.
I'm only interested in profit, w-w/o premium time, so I just log it.
Once I get the information I want, I either delete the log or move the results into another file.
I have 126 files on this game, and it only takes 4 MB. Gotta love computers!

If it feels burdensome, play 10 battles first, then punch thru each post screen and log all at once. Doesn't take long.

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