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Science Of Victory & Honorable Service Campaign Changes

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Science Of Victory:

There are 10 stages in this Campaign. Stages 1-9 can be done in Co-op (this was changed at one point to add Co-op but the changes never got to Stage 10 regular tasks). Not every task is Co-op doable which is fine but most of the regular tasks are (and stars can be repeated too) and the Final tasks are all Co-op doable so each Stage can be done in Co-op. Stage 10 however has no Co-op doable tasks at all yet ironically the Final task is actually Co-op doable. Would be nice if a couple of the tasks in Stage 10 could be made Co-op doable so the Campaign can be finished by Co-op mains such as myself. I am done through 9 but can't make any progress in 10 to get to the Final task and complete it. Other than Task 5 which is Achievement related I see no reason the other tasks couldn't be Co-op doable. They aren't exactly hard for PVP so there would be no "easier path" doing it in Co-op. At least give us a couple so we can repeat stars.

Honorable Service:

This Campaign has only 1 Co-op doable regular task in the 5 Stages (Stage 5 Task 2 - Earn 3000 XP in one battle) yet every Final task is Co-op doable. I see no reason the rest of the regular tasks (other than Achievement based) couldn't be made Co-op doable so Co-op mains can do this Campaign. Or, give us a couple in each Stage we can repeat at the least. Some tasks would be easier in Co-op and some in PVP so mains of both modes have an equal path difficulty wise to finish it.

New Campaigns are made Co-op doable and you even went back and made Yamamoto Co-op doable (as well as changing Science of Victory Stages 1-9 but not 10? ) so how about making a few adjustments to these old Campaigns so we Co-op mains can do them. It would be a good gesture and much appreciated.


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I realize now a big thing to hold me back is the prohibitive costs at those tiers. After 7, the almost price-doubling really hurts.

I've had to work Mogami ALOT, lately. Only T8 combat ship able to fulfill some of the tasks in the campaigns. Brindisi can't get fires, for one. For the tighter maps, room to roam is scarce. The combo has worked pretty well.

Those two have allowed me to land my first tasks in a couple of them. I need something that punches really hard.

While I do appreciate the Co-OP's we do have. And I had not noticed that particular missing link. Thank you for the heads-up, btw.

Just getting those tiers to break even is troublesome, w/o buffs, in Co-OP. I have already cut by a 1/3 some of the stores I had built up.

However the rewards for tasks is better, by a small measure. So, give a little, to get, I suppose. I did get the XP task partially in co-op. I do have Benson.

I thought the 15 main battery incap/destroy would go a bit better, 6 in 8-10 days. Ooof.

More grueling than 'tough'. Although some will be a longtime coming. A few likely never.

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