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Graf Zeppelin over-nerfed

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I think the german premium T8 Graf Zeppelin is obviously over-nerfed in the latest patch.

It was already the worst T8 before the rocket plane nerf. Now it is basically unusable.

As a german T8 CV, it has basically the same AP bomber as IJN T6 Ryujo. This is not right.


Here is some suggestions to balance it up a little bit:

1. Give it an 60mm ice-breaker bow (something like the M. Immelmann has).

2. Reduce the AP bomber aiming radius by 15%.

3. AP bombers have 3*3 formation instead of 4*2.

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The two things GZ has over tree German carriers are a normal (non-AP) rocket UI, and a mostly normal, (non tree carrier,) dive-bomber UI. (I.E. Not a lunatic UI where the bombers are higher than any other carrier, and where you can’t see the target and reticle at the same time, until they’re practically on top of each other.)

I don’t even bother playing the tree German carriers, (to the pathetic degree I can play carriers at all,) if I have to play a German carrier, I play GZ in Co-op.

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Seems they double nerfed both the GZ and the Kaga rocket planes.

First, they extended the TRAVEL TIME of the rockets for those two CVs...   Then they added the standard SETUP DELAY as the other HE rocket planes.

So the rockets crawl along at an unrealistic slow speed..  then there is the setup time.  These two CVs now have the longest rocket lead time in the game.

I'd say it's a screw up that needs to be corrected.



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Max Immelmann has an icebreaker because it is a FDG hull. Graf Zepplin doesn't have one because Graf Zepplin didn't have one.

Now, what the GZ has right now are some seriously fast planes. The cruising speed of his Torpedo and Dive bombers are faster than all other tier 8 aircraft carriers' torpedo and dive bombers with the exception of Indominable's bombers.

Don't take this to mean that GZ isn't suffering right now, he's been suffering since his release, and I do agree that it is past time that WG gave the GZ a once over and rebalance him to be more in line with what the other premium carriers can do. Going some checking, I can see that Graf Zepplin does fall behind his tech-tree counterpart, but he does better than Shokaku's stock bombers. Probably the reason for the Parseval having better AP bombs is because his bombers are high-altitude bombers that have the reticle directly below the planes (which you can easily see if you tilt the camera). Also, I don't think GZ needs more armor because he has the most dangerous secondaries out of all tier 8 carriers.

Long story, short: I think your first suggestion is a no-go, your second suggestion probably won't happen, but your third suggestion definitely has my support.


EDIT: I took my GZ out, and I found her rather comfortable to use. First dive bomber strike was a double citadel against a Pommern. In fact, I had little trouble citadelling anything I could get my planes to (which was a bit of a problem, as I was in a tier X game, but I could still do it).

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Stupid nerfs..

who is going to buy premium? They charge you money, and they nerf!!!

just like that!

I didn’t spend 40-60 dollars to get nerfed! 

very bad policy… driving customers away…

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