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Hindenberg - What am I doing wrong?

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I have several high tier CA's in port, and each has good to very good PR's:

Atago - 2115 - 63.5% WR

Prinz Eugen - 1924 - 53.6%

Mogami - 1577 - 55.9%

Ibuki - 1459 - 50%

Zao - 1373 - 48.8%

Buffalo - 1226 - 56.3%


And then there's Hindenberg - PR of 936 with a 47.4% WR.


I play all of these as open water boats, for the most part. Am I wrong in thinking that the Zao and the Hindy can be played in essentially the same style? I don't have a great win rate with Zao either, but at least I've attained "Good" in the PR department. With Zao, I'm about 2500 damage over server average. With Hindy I'm 15k under server average. 

Is this comparison invalid? For some reason, I'm still trying to figure Hindy out and she just eludes me somehow. Any assistance would be appreciated.




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Are you using your AP? Hindenburg is pretty reliant on making that AP work as her HE isn’t the greatest. While she spends much of her time at range she does have the armor to enter close range in certain scenarios.


Really, the problem you are probably finding is that T10 is cursed.

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Hi @WhiteTulip

I'm sorry to hear about your frustrations with the Hindenburg.  Like the Russian and French, Germans are (mostly) long-range artillery cruisers.  This means staying 15+km from targets while kiting, using terrain, using distraction and other tactics to pump out DPM while minimizing risk to yourself.

Most of the other cruisers you've cited (other than the Prinz Eugen) are faster and have (much) better concealment and maneuverability than the Hindenburg.  By contrast, the Hindenburg is a big target.  For me, this requires operating at longer ranges and keeping track of who can target me and when they fire so that I can dodge.

Below is a link to the build I use for the Hindenburg.  A good build doesn't make someone play better, but it can make play easier.  Note that I take Radio Location.  If you prefer something else, Heavy AP Shells, Grease the Gears, and Incoming Fire Alert are good alternatives.

Finally, a review of a typical game might be useful.  If you upload something to https://replayswows.com/, perhaps I or others could take a look at the practices you are following.

I hope my feedback is useful, and I wish you luck and success.


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Better then my 29% WR for the Roon right now...  :P

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