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How is it possible

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How is it possible to get an Arkansas Beta when you register in 2019?


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1. Account reset maybe I’m not sure about its mechanics. 

2. They had a beta account, they lost it for some reason. Yet they were able to prove to WG that they were part of the Beta program. So WG gave them the ship back. 

ohhhh most likely

3. they moved servers . 

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There are a lot of inconsistencies in player game records. You could have an Alpha or a Beta player not play for years and suddenly, as if they came out of some crypt, log in. 

Only WG knows what goes on and when. And they are not going to tell you because that is a privacy issue. 

Like I said in another thread, players reset accounts all the time for stats or other reasons. 

This one is likely a server transfer. But you can ask, although WG is under no obligation to replay with an answer.

Just remember that players come and go and even transfer. Some start over or grind it out. And some still are just new. 



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