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Another look at however you pronounce this

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So everyone is looking at the high tier Dutch cruisers, but the airstrikes piqued my interest about something a little farther down the line. I want our Dutch specialist @Lert to give his opinion.

First of all, we REALLY need Dutch cruiser & destroyer subforums at this point. 

Second, how the heck do you pronounce "Kijkduin"? The tier 6, 7, and 10 cruisers are going to be very hard to pronounce, and I can't wait for replays to start coming to YouTubers. Jingles might just call the ships "Dave." Darn, I want a "Prins Bernhard" to replace one of those tongue-twisters, named for one of the most hardcore Dutchmen of WW2. A literal royal pain for the Germans.

And now the main event: Kijkduin - Researchable Dutch Tier VI Cruiser 1938

So we know that Kijkduin will get airstrike. As a tier 6, she is eligible to participate in Defense of Naval Station Newport. This is the hardest Scenario currently in the game. Multiple waves of Axis ships attack a naval base that a 7-player team must fend off, with limited help from an AI US Navy & the base defenses. The enemy ships have camouflage equipped that decreases their detection radius & nerfs players' dispersion. I believe they also carry flags to increase their survivability.

However, there are 3 "Surveillance Stations" that spot the enemy fleets as they attack. Using this to her advantage, Kijkduin may be able to drop airstrikes on enemies as they get spotted, then use her high speed to retire back towards the team. I don't know what the range of her airstrike consumable is, but she may not have to go very far from support. Late-game she won't even need to leave the base perimeter. The Superintendent captain skill & Type 2 camouflage will increase her usefulness. I predict that having a Kijkduin on the team will make this Scenario much easier.


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1 hour ago, black_hull4 said:

I want our Dutch specialist @Lert to give his opinion.


Second, how the heck do you pronounce "Kijkduin"?

I'm not entirely happy with the implementation. Personally I'd have wanted cruisers that stand competitive on their own merit of armor and firepower, not gimmicks like the air strike. Especially De Zeven Provincien, which WG has nerfed below historical performance - navweaps reports her weapons as having a 4 ~ 6 s reload depending on gun angle, not the 7.5s WG has deemed fit to give her. Plus, the ranges are a bit short, especially on the high tier cruisers. That said, still very happy they're coming at all.

As for pronunciation; go to google translate, select Dutch voice, type in the name and have her pronounce it. Or use the forvo link above.

And pay no mind to the stupid swedish chef 'jokes'.

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On 7/2/2021 at 12:03 PM, warheart1992 said:


Also, I get wanting to be a bit unique, but this font is sapping any will to read your whole post, and you don't deserve this. :etc_hide_turtle:

Thanks for the link! When I'm pronouncing names, I like to get them right.
Yes, the text is slightly horrible.


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