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Soviet CV stats interesting

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So these stats are curious makes you wonder I am seen a lot of balans here :Smile_teethhappy: However though I keep my hype as low as possible I was fool by wargaming with subs :Smile_sceptic: Was really hype for them then they went made diving limited with no regen that's where my hype for subs died :fish_palm: I will just wait to see how these CVs turn out but let be honest if wargaming is wargaming it will follow the usual pattern so it will fun at least :Smile_trollface: Well it will be fun in balans kind of way :Smile_popcorn:Not to mention muh wargaming soviet CV touch my precious nurf it wargaming salt threads  :fish_haloween:

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Frankly I can see this being a litmus test to potentially convert all CV's into a one-drop style of gameplay.  Doing so severely limits spotting and damage over time potential while allowing for more up-front damage and a faster gameplay loop.  Taken in that manner it could help with some of the concerns people have on both sides of the board while making things a bit more exciting for the CV player and forcing them to rotate planes since you can't pre-drop and you don't have the trickle of planes coming back to berth.  For the damage concerns,  a lot of that is going to depend on the size of various targeting displays:  The Ise launches eight torpedoes in a spread but at such a wide angle that all eight will only ever hit a large ship sitting still or going in a predictable straight line.  So its possible to balance outgoing damage in such a way via thus helping limit damage to smaller ships while still being able to effective damage larger ones.

Either way,  we'll have to wait and see.

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