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Building Better Tech Trees Part 5: CVs and Submarines

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Welcome once again, to the conclusion of my series. If you like to catch up on the action, click here: Part 1Part 2Parts 3aand 3bPart 4

This post is going to be a bit shorter than usual. Primarily because, well, to talk about aircraft carriers in WoWs is to invite 100 different opinions on 100 different ways to make them work, not work, good or bad for the game, etc. To that end though, let it be known that I do approve of the existence of CVs as a class in this game. Always have. And since they're not going away any time soon, instead lets take a look at some ways we might (and I stress might) help to make them feel a little bit more balanced. 

First and foremost though I must admit that this idea is not my own. I don't know who, or how long ago I had read this post but the concept was something that I couldn't stop thinking about and eventually incorporated it into my TT revision. So whoever you are, thank you for the inspiration! 

One of the few contentious issues regarding CV play that most of us can agree on is that low tier play with CVs present can be downright unfair, given the fact that AA defense of surface ships is well, positively WWI! Aircraft, while something of a threat, just weren't prevalent enough to warrant the kind of fitting out seen by WWII, and given the fact that the aircraft (though not necessarily the ships themselves) are from the post war era, it creates an anachronism that can't easily be balanced.  Lets not forget here, post 8.0, we've always been fighting the planes, not the ship so even though ships like USS Langley or HMS Hermes fit the timeframe in the tier they're placed the aircraft they carry do not. Therefore, I suggest we simply bump up the whole line to start at tier V. Now this would also have the added benefit of bringing back the much missed odd-tier ships (and before anyone says it, yes Germany and the SU have enough paper ships to fill out a 6 tier line). I won't go too deep into it but using our British ships as an example, this gives us the opportunity to add in the aborted Malta-class and the somewhat oddly absent Illustrious-class. Aircraft balancing would simply be a matter of when they served. Going from early to mid-interwar at tier V, mid to late-interwar at tier VI and so on. Finally, in order to ensure that this kind of compression of the techline doesn't create too much CV over-saturation, I'd recommend that the entire line have +/-1 matchmaking spread. So while tier IV might still be a little screwed, a Hermes can now see tier VI.

Last but not least we come to Subs. And there isn't much for me to say here because, at time of writing, submarines are still being tested but I will admit that given what we are seeing in the current round of testing, things are moving in the right direction! My only real hope for submarines in the future, other than to allow for noise to dictate detection radius and making snorkels a thing, would be to see the TT extended down to tier II. Currently, there are only tier VI, VIII, and X boats available and while I have no qualms about the even tier only spread, I would hope that in the future tiers II and IV come in as well.


 Phew, finished! I hope you have enjoyed reading my various dissertations on my personal vision for an extend tech tree. If anyone wants me to make some addendum posts talking about other nations ship options, let me know! And as always, comments and suggestions are welcome!  

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