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And. Slight look at CIS official stream.

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Please do support CIS official streamers with like and subscribtion. They really need one. They do.

If you don't speak in Russian, do'n't worry, there's at least 29 minute stenogramm there, in a comments below. As a dedicated toxic hater I strongly recomend to read it through. No toxicity added. At least no swearing. Just amateur translation till 29:48.

If you want translation to be continued, Give me HELL YEAH! )))) And you'll be surprised by a high level of CIS officials. I'm not joking. They are working hard to promote game among russian speaking cluster and to increase sells of a high quality premium content.

And... Without further addue... I present you! The one! The only!

Stream translation. Mk1. In 4 parts! ))))

Thankyou. And have a pleasant reading. )))))))

PS... God I'm tired. All night... 4 am here.

Upd.I will continue after sleep. Began to translate at 23 00 local time, that's why didn't finish it in time.

If you have questions, maybe some reviews on matter, please do comment below. I'll be more than happy to answer. To talk about different mentality of streamers here and there. Why translation from English to Russian is more simple.

Yes, it's a hard reading, almost a wall of text. I know. Soon I'll move my equipment to a flat.

Trying to do european heaven out of old SU built box. Under total reco, that is. )))

And then you'll have stream from CIS server with review of game problems. You will see how gameplay differs. My opinion on developers decisions.  I'll be the only one to do that on CIS, having it as a basic server.

Yes, it will be opinion of a hater. But hater worrying about future of this game. If I didn't, I'd rather drop all that activity off. 

So, untill next time. I'll translate second stream as soon as I can. 

Thanks again, I'll be more than pleased if you'll wait for a continuation.

Have a good battles and have fun . 

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