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Are the 165 Hz refresh rate monitors not supported anymore?

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With the 10.5 update I am noticing that my FPS rate has been clipped to 75 FPS rate. Normally you can edit the C:\Games\World_of_Warships_NA\bin\<latest release number>\res\engine_config

Edit the config file from




The default is 75 Hz. You would then change the refresh rate to your monitor's refresh rate. Mine is 165 Hz.

However, with the 10.5 update the FPS rate would stay at 75 FPS in WoWS after the edit. It was only when I spotted an earlier release engine_config file that I change the monitor refresh rate to 165 Hz that I can see the FPS difference.


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This link comes up with 404 error page not found. So my question is, has something change with the last update not documented? Is anyone else noticing what I am seeing?

refresh rate.jpg

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75 FPS has been the built in limit forever, editing that file has always worked when I've tried it. I haven't bothered in a bit because I really don't notice a difference and it's a pain to change it every patch. As far as I know that wasn't changed in 10.5. Maybe double check your edit saved? And make sure your computer can actually push more than 75 FPS.

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It is in the RES or RES updatr folder under the higher numbered folder. You will find the engine.ini to edit. 

That is off the top of my head.

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