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That feeling when you pull a win for your team in a CV and get a little message as thanks.

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Just out of a lexington match testing the new rockets and it came down to the wire, killed an enemy cruiser in like the last 30 seconds and swapped the game from a loss to a win. I go into the next match and when I get back there's a little message from the allied DD saying that I did an awesome job. 

Had me feeling like: 

Bonnie Tyler - Holding Out For A Hero (Official HD Video) - YouTube

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Yep, getting positive feedback from your team is probably one of the better things in game. Appreciation for a team win that you had a big part in.


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Lucky you :P

I get nothing but salty people these days. I once had a guy create a smurf account just to trash-talk me via DMs. How did I know it was a smurf account? I cross-checked the names across the only three games I played that day and found no matches before looking the username up. Not a single battle to that username whatsoever.

If anything, I'm impressed by the lengths people go to trash-talk me. It's kind of rewarding on it's own.

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