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Building Better Tech Trees Part 2: Cruisers and Destroyers

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Hello, and welcome, to part two. 

In this post, we will be taking a look at some examples of what a tier I destroyer and a (true) tier I cruiser might be for beginning your progression up the techlines in World of Warships. Throughout this series and subsequent posts, I will only be using one nation in my examples, but if people want to see my other suggestions for other nations ships then let me know! I'll have an, addendum post with all the other ships, or something.

Anyway, the nation I have chosen is none other than the Royal Navy. I've chosen them for two reasons: 1) being the most powerful and largest navy in the world at the time, it's fairly straightforward to find applicable ships and 2) this allows us to create a nice baseline for any other nations ships since well, the RN ships even then were sort of the benchmark. Now before I show you the ships I have set some house rules when it came to my selections, so that you better understand why I'm choosing what I'm choosing.

  1. The ships have to be at least from around the turn of the century, provided they saw considerable service or for lack of anything better, I really don't want to dip too much into the 19th Century if I can help it. 
  2. The ships cannot be iterative predecessors of the existing tier II ships, they must show a clear downgrade to their superiors. An example of this would be the Bristol-class cruisers. While they were the first official class of CL in the Royal Navy, they ended up producing several iterative sub-classes of that ship, of which Weymouth was one of them. So you can't really say that that's a clear downgrade.

So without further ado, let's take a look at the cruiser I did come up with:


hmshighflyer6.jpg <i>Hermes</i> 1899

These ships were commissioned around 1899-1900 and in the case of the lead ship, was the last Victorian era ship to serve in the RN. The ships are armed with 11 6"/40 guns (not the 45cal ones that we see on the newer ships) and a number of 3" guns as secondaries. The ships had a listed top speed of 20kts but apparently could exceed that easily. Overall this is a perfectly cromulent ship with a interesting bit of history to boot. As an alternate, a slightly faster repeat class of these ships, the Challenger-class could also be brought in. They had an extra knot of speed and possibly had newer 6" guns but I haven't been able to confirm that definitively. Regardless, this is a great starting point and IMO a perfect benchmark for what to look for with other navies.

As for the Destroyer, it was a bit more difficult as the British tended to pump out a lot of similar ships with iterative designs even within the same class! It's further exacerbated by the fact that the Medea-class we do have at tier II is such and odd choice to begin with. Nonetheless, I did find something I felt was appropriate for a starting Destroyer:



This.. ship, really group of ships were part of a series built around 1910. Speed varied between 27-35(!) knots depending on the subvariant in question. The armament generally consisted of 2x1 4" guns (fore and aft) and 2x1 3" guns on the flanks. They also carried two singe tube 21" torpedo launchers. Overall, this is IMO an appropriate step down from Medea while still being a capable ship in it's own right. And with so many variations, it would be easy to balance out as well.


In part three, we'll be taking a look a what I'm sure many of you are hoping to see; Pre-Dreadnoughts!

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