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Tiger Tidbits

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Most of ya'll know I've been running a lot of Tiger lately.  Here are a few little tidbits that I find to be somewhat important.

As a utility "Swiss Army Knife" cruiser, the utility nature of the ship can never have enough utility.  Not just for the team utility, but for outright survival.  As such, she can be a very expensive ship to run (with flags), needs a good captain, and at least one special equipment purchase (another possible expense).

1.  Full concealment is a must.  She lives and dies on concealment range.  Not just conceal per say, but to get the delta between detection and radar to as small as possible (I think it's 0.2km).  The detect/radar strategy is a major forte of this ship. And it simply does not work without a full conceal build.  Without it, the ship is extremely handicapped.

2.  SRM1 (special) Equipment.  Her radar is critical, and boosting its time 20% (along with CE, number 3 below), takes the 30s duration to 39.6s.  This has a double purpose.  When you spit out salvos every 3.2s, an 9.6 boost is at least three extra salvos (12 rounds).  Tiger is already woefully unable to consummate a solo radar kill on a radar'd DD.  Twelve more rounds turns woefully unable to a solo maybe.  And as the strategy is utility (with friends around), it's 9.6s of focus by whatever your team can bring to bear.  It's this multiplier that is really critical.  

3.  Consumables Expert.  Already noted the contribution in 2 for radar, but it also gives 10% longer smoke (her life and death protection). And DFAA for those who air spec.  Three plus ups for the price of one.

4.  F lags Flags Flags...and more Flags.  Sierra Mike.  She's slow...that 1.5 extra knots is worth it, if not outright needed.  xRayPapa. 15% smoke.  Gotta have it.  November Foxtrot -5% on consumables.  Radar and Smoke.  The ability to not only get longer smoke in general, the combined longer duration of xRayPapa plus the quicker turn time with November Foxtrot makes for less exposure between pops.  Not being seen is life for Tiger.  Squeezing every last second that the game offers you can make the difference.

Last comment has to do with a lesser known synergy of her turrets and the evasion fight.  Some realize that, when engaging a cruiser, the cruiser player with relatively slow moving turrets will tend to favor the evasion side on which the turrets are already trained.  To evade to the non turret side and extend on that side puts those turrets out of action for the rotation duration.  Tiger does not  have that problem.  The turrets rotate so fast, evasion in consideration of turret train is no factor at all.  This is useful both in the mid to long range wiggle away...and perhaps most importantly in DD mano mano engagements.  The ability to change course for preemptive torp dodging without needing to compromise the ability to maintain turret trains on target...is a much bigger advantage than I realized originally. 

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Good pointers.


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Super Soshi,

 I copied all the info and will be getting my Tiger 59 soon™️ :)

 As we all know the devil is in the details and you have gone to the nth degree. The critical analyses of the Tiger 🐯 59 should not go unrewarded. Fortunately WOWS has by special invitation only, enabled the player base to pay back our instructors. So I offer up this additional mission to you, with first priority. 





The sealed orders above pertain to this mission! 


Recruiting Station: Community Tokens:



Recruiting Station:


Now as you may recall I have said in your previous threads. I am an intuitive and do see frames ahead. And tomorrow will be my ninetieth day without pushing the battle button. So I qualify for an invitation to return! 

 My hope is that you will recruit me and one other so that you can. ->


How can I get cashback?


 I intend to purchase Tiger 🐯 59 and other premium items in the future and I see no reason that you should not reap the rewards for your labors! I think it is a neat way to support other players and WOWS our gracious hosts at the same time as well as the game in general.

 Look over the information and take your time deciding and formulating a profitable strategy to maximize your returns as a recruiter. 

Respectfully, M_113 🤠

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@Soshi_Sone...the guy above should have quoted you w/that offer...just bringing it to your attention as it is deserved...

Thanx for the rundowns...even with those day of dread like the one you experienced a few days ago you keep on grinding through & keeping everybody updated.

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