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Random Mid-Battle Server Disconnection Issue

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SInce Playing Both World of Warships and World of Tanks, I have had Intermitent Connection Issues with Either Game.
After troubleshooting, over multiple years with this one issue, I have come to a conclusion of the source of random but frequent Mid Battle Disconnections that do seem to plague a wide and varied swath of players.

As Stated Random Disconnections from Mid Battle or Disconnects while just sitting in port has been an issue for me on this game, Both thru Wargaming launcher and Steam Launched Versions of WoWs, and I have come to a conclusion that this is due to the connection between My Location, Rural Virigina, and the Wargaming Servers for WoWS has to make too many "Jumps" ( Connection routing between different servers/ISP Connections) that cause connection issues for me, and probably quiote a few other players.
Ping/general Latency to almost any other connection is nominal for almost every other game/service i use. This seems to be an inherent problem mainly due to the way Wargaming Servers for WoWs, and those of WoT deals with User Connection Data Sikes, ie How small lag spikes basically throw you out of a Game, not just, "Oh i am lagging a bit" But the actual transfer of data seemily causes spikes while enroute to the servers, and the jumping of the routing taking too long/too many jumps being the issue.

This is NOT an issue a User can Fix, This is an Issue were Wargaming Servers are a bit Too Sensative to incoming Packets of Data During gameplay that then  cause problems with how they are incoming/recieved by the Wargaming Servers,  where normal troubleshooting will Not fix any issues.As well as it is compounded by how ISP's decide to route your data, where yyou may have a great connection, but what you are connectiong to requires you to Jump and Route yourself thru the web of the internet so much your Packets of Data become Volitile for a Server, the the Instance of why some users get Yeeted (thrown out of) Games Mid battle or even just sitting in Port in WoWS. 

Currently, and weirdly enough, I am unable to play WoWS with a stable connection, where WoT, as of last time i played in Jan2021, has a stable connection, but has had the same issues in the past. This Unfortunate connection issue rendereds me unable to play either game in fear of more or less becoming frustrated with the issue, and becoming a hinderance for my teammates, where as i do really enjoy WoWS and WoT betwwen the instances of bad connection. 

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