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106 Years Ago, USS Arizona (BB-39) Was Launched

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106 years ago, on June 9, 1915, USS Arizona (BB-39), second of the Pennsylvania-class battleships of the US navy, was launched from the New York Navy Yard.

Though she is chiefly famous for her catastrophic sinking almost 26 years later during the Imperial Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor, with her 1,177 casualties constituting the plurality of casualties of that terrible day, she did quite a bit during her life, from humanitarian and peacekeeping work to acting as the presidential ship and having probably the best rowing crew of the fleet at the time. A more detailed list is available here: 

In honor of her launch, I decided to take her out into ranked in search of a good battle, and I'd say she pulled her weight well, even if it wasn't a win-streak.






In WoWs, Arizona uses much of the same tactics as New Mexico and most other USN low to mid-tier battleships, but to use her to her full potential you must remember the following tips:

  • Perhaps her biggest weakness is her slow speed, meaning she cannot switch flanks or angle against incoming fire quickly. Choose your flank carefully, and do not rush in before assessing the threat.
  • Do not hesitate to switch to HE if confronted by angled higher-tier battleships or destroyers. Arizona has the accuracy and gun caliber to make even HE hurt. Especially against destroyers, her sigma will make many destroyers regret rushing you if you are prepared.
  • Make sure to use her belt armor to mitigate shells from same or higher-tier battleships that would otherwise overmatch her bow armor.
  • Her torpedo bulge reduces damage by 39%, meaning in cases where enemy CVs or hybrids are attacking you you can sometimes afford to simply tank the torpedoes instead, as well as providing a decent margin of error when combating enemy ships with surface torpedoes.
  • Although Arizona doesn't turn quickly, she does turn tightly. Use this to your advantage to evade torpedoes or angle more efficiently than the enemy may expect.
  • Her primary targets should be anything that shows broadside, as that's when her AP will shine best. Cruisers and destroyers should be her primary prey, although if an enemy battleship shows broadside or is sitting still feel free to use the appropriate ammo to slap them silly.

Sailed correctly, Arizona can even give higher tier battleships a run for their money. I personally also take the time to try and snipe any enemy carriers in range, for more than a few reasons.

Although Arizona isn't quite as domineering on the battlefield as she was when she was first released, she still is among the best of the tier 6 premium battleships, and woe be it to anyone that underestimates her.

Let her guns sing and her hull sail the seas to reclaim from fate what was stolen from her!

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My Greatest Generation novel, BB-39, is the story of a group of young men from a small town in the southwest, who serve on Arizona from 1938. You can see it at: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B008IVOBR6 

In honor of our Independence Day, I’m going to make my new Kindle book free for 5 days, starting on July First.


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