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The missing super battleship

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The concept of the super battleship battle is quite nice for a special game play,  and it open to ship that would be a nightmare to balance. Thus, yes, the Super Yamato and the Hanover offer a nice option for the German. But one easy pick for such game mode is missing, even if we have a tech tree line around it's concept.


Tillman IV.


Yes they are somewhat lighter (80 000 tons). Yes they are slow (albeit a refit version could be around 26-27 knt). Yes they are older design (tho a refit version would have better AA than probably the Hanover and the Satsuma). But, with 15 18'' guns she would have a punch that would be great to see. And if Wargaming are crazy enough to pull it out, the 4x6 16''/50 version would be an orgasm to shoot with, even if the reload would be longer my coffee machine.


So please, bring one of these monstrosity for the US Super Battleship.

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More Tier 12s !


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There was also an American 1934 "Maximum Battleship" study (unrelated to the Tillman designs) resulting in two designs with a main battery of eight 20" guns. An updated early 1940s revision of that could easily provide a third super-battleship to the lineup.

Of course none of these super-battleships are very super when they burn like gasoline soaked cardboard.

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