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USN T8 Heavy? Super? Cruiser Proposal - 1938 12 inch proposal

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Today I'm presenting to ya'll this, hopefully it seems vaguely balanced as opposed to Congress. I'll call her Samoa, after one of the stillborn Alaska class cruisers (also a more accurate name than Congress).



Samoa is a brawling cruiser. She has powerful guns, is tanky, and can support her allies effectively in caps. She has poor long range dispersion, but has decent enough at close range.


Slot 1: Damage control party - standard T8 cruiser

Slot 2: Hydroacoustic Search/ Defensive AA fire - standard T8 USN cruiser, +1 DFAA charge

Slot 3: Surveillance Radar/ Catapult Fighter/ Spotting Aircraft - standard T8 USN cruiser

Slot 4: Repair Party - Duration 10 seconds, heals 1% HP per second, 3 charges, 40 second cool down

Samoa has a large variety of consumables. Her heal provides greater survivability, and her other consumables allow her to gain intelligence or improved protection from aircraft.


Main Battery: 3x2 12-inch/50-caliber Mark 8 gun, 20 second reload, 22.5 seconds 180 degree turret traverse time, 15.8km range

AP shell: 305mm AP Mk18 Mod 1, 8900 max damage

HE shell: 305mm HE Mk17 Mod 1, 4300 max damage, 51mm penetration, 27% chance of fire

Dispersion formula: "Brawling" Cruiser, 2.1 sigma

This new type of dispersion formula works similar to the Soviet one, with exponentially worse dispersion at longer ranges but tight shell groupings at closer ranges. It is modified to be similar to the current battlecruiser formula.

Secondary Battery: 6x2 5-inch/38-caliber Mk12, 6 second reload, 6.6km range

HE shell: 127mm HE Mk32, 1800 max damage, 5% chance of fire, 21mm penetration

Standard USN secondaries, nothing special here


HP: 48000

27mm nose and aft, 32mm deck, 203mm belt.

10% torpedo belt

Samoa is has decent armor angled, but is punished heavily when broadside. Her citadel is exposed and poorly protected, but she has a large health pool and is tough when angled. 


Top Speed: 33 knots

Turning circle: 800m

Rudder shift: 12 seconds

Bad. Just bad.

AA Defense

(with hypothetical post Pearl Harbor refit, all values are arbitrary approximations)

Short range: 20x2 Oerlikon 20mm cannon, 150 DPS 

Mid range: 12x4 Bofors 40mm cannon, 200 DPS

Long range: 6x2 127mm/38 Mk12, 75 DPS, 4 flak


Concealment: Base detection 14.5km 



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In case anyone else  was curious how that stacks up...


"Samoa" as frankfletcher_1  proposes compared to Alaska, the two devblog iterations of Congress, the other T8 US heavies, and .... Prinz Eitel Friedrich.  

About that last one --- as many have observed when in T7-T9 battles the Alaska is basically an additional T7 BB (albeit fast, undergunned, but with greater utility) for whichever team gets her.  So the logic would be that a T8 Alaska-Lite would be roughly equivalent to a (fast, undergunned) T6 BB.  As you can see, it's not that far off.  Similar bow armor, fire chance, HE damage, shell velocity, HP, similar concealment, etc.

Ultimately Congress/Samoa is probably even gnarlier when top-tier than an Alaska.  It's certainly an effective cruiser-killer design.



So let's talk balance.  Congress first draft: absolutely not balanced.  Congress second draft: it's still got a Heal on top of the fattest HP pool and the best armor in all of T8 cruisers, it's still got 5 forward guns that do just as much damage, still not balanced.  

Samoa Proposal:  Well, let's put it this way.  If I were to take the Balti or Wichita over Samoa, I'd lose out on 5-10K HP and a heal and I'd have to get within the same range anyway but with less side or deck armor.  The tradeoffs are concealment and maneuverability, and then a coinflip of bigger caliber = just about double damage and firechance for firing half as often.  I'd still take the Samoa, but it's a lot closer than it was with only 4 guns nose-in now and no range advantage.  I don't think the Sigma/Dispersion funny-business contributes a lot of value one way or the other, and with 6 guns WG is more likely to make them more accurate than less if the 6-8x18" monsters are anything to go by.

My two cents: Pick one of Radar/Heal, and if you're keeping Radar make it 9km; Drag the reload back out to 22s; turret rotation doesn't need to be that fast, 30s is just fine.

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