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French cruisers strategy guide

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Hello captains:cap_cool: , I made a video going over the role and strategies I think fit best for the French cruiser line . I use this strategy on my Algerie ,Bayard , St. Louis , Charles Martel , Henri . All are in thr60%+ winrate besides the Henri which is in 50%+s so the strategy works . What I look for is being able to attack and kill multiple classes , many times you will be at the end of a battle but in a class or ship unable to del with the reds specific ship . The Fench have tools to deal with both BBs and DDs .They have with speed booster ,hydro combo speed and eyes to chase down DDs . They have torps , reload booster and speed to deal with cruisers and BBs . This multirole capabilities makes them great for random battles .There are multiple ways to play a said Nation but this works for me . If you are struggling with this nations class give my video a try , hope it helps . Please subscribe if you find the videos helpful , have a great day .:cap_rambo:


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