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When the Matchmaker Pranks You

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No one really knows how this works. WG offers little snippets of it, but for every word they utter about MM, the forum has about 500,000 words of comment on it. About 500,000 to one expansion ratio.

Since these two teams were both in server's team final assignment queue, and WG had the same stats you posted, they could have swapped a few players easily so it would not be such a blow out.

Even on the winning team, many times the action is over before you can engage in meaningful competition, so it is a loss of opportunity on both sides of each of those battles.

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looks like the real deciding factor in a battle seems the number of battles played. XP and win rate feed off of that unless you mindlessly throw your ship in there and die in less than a minute. 

But yeah, MM is strange.

I had one where I was the only CV vs a CV. No other ships dropped and the server was full. And there were plenty of ships in that tier 10 queue.

So what happened? I really honestly don't know. Only that the CV I went up against refused to fight. They just sailed closer and I sunk them. That player seemed upset that this MM gave that player a result like this. Well, that makes two of us. Rather than get a team, we both had none. 

But I was not going to waste a Hakuryu outing since it is a first win bonus. A game is a game. Only the other player refused to participate. Even though they expressed displeasure of the drop at start. 

MM is a mystery when it does weird things. 

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2 hours ago, Snargfargle said:

Match lasted 7 minutes.


Had a matchup just like that, two hours ago..

The reds are STILL looking for their teeth.

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