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Anyone knows when new coal ships will be available?

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Sorry for the duplicated post. Trying to delete it but no success so far :/ 

Hi all,

I have no coal ship so far (missed all the juicy ones before they got retired), and I am sitting on 200,000+ coal.
So with the 25% coupon that is about to expire in June, I can pretty much buy anything. I just do not know if I should wait or not.

- I suck at DD so forget the Marceau
- There is so many Pommern around it's not even funny, and I do not like inaccurate guns (so picky I know :p )
- This leave the Salem ( but I find island camping boring)
- or the Yoshino I am actually VERY interested by this one (I love my kitting Hindi), but my understanding is that the Venezia has the same playstyle and is as effective.

So here I am wondering if I should get the Yosh or just wait for new ships.

Does anyone know if / when new ones will be introduced?




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First off, we have no idea when the next coal ship will be available nor which ships will be coal ships. The best I can do is give you the ships that are currently in development that are likely to come out for coal, so purely Tier 9s and 10s. 

Currently, there are no Tier 9 premiums in development and 4 Tier 10s.  

Tier 10 British Destroyer Druid (https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/131

Tier 10 Pan-European Destroyer Ragnar (https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/152)

Tier 10 Japanese Cruiser Kitakami (highly unlikely to even be released but WG has done stranger things)

Tier 10 Italian Cruiser Napoli (https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/131)


What I would recommend you do is look at the concepts and stats of the ships (bear in mind they have changed so you might have to do a bit of digging in the dev blogs) to see if any of them interest you. If one of them does, then hoard your coal until what resource the ship is announced. If none of them interest you, then I would just do some research on the Yoshino to see if she's worth pulling the trigger for.  

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