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T10 special ship proposal, Illinois

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Continuing with my set of USN bote proposals, I bring Illinois.



In 1945, Admiral Nimitz and Admiral King proposed a modification to the incomplete Iowa class BBs, Illinois and Kentucky. This involved an Alaska-esque style arrangement of secondaries. It also revised the AA armament, added a thicker torpedo belt, and consolidated the funnels into 1. My idea for this ship is to have it be an improved Iowa at T10, which can effectively support allies at all ranges and be able to protect itself from hostile aircraft.


Her Damage Control Party is standard for USN battleships. It has unlimited uses, lasts for 20 seconds, and has an 80 second cool down. 

Her Repair Party is also standard for USN battleships, with 4 charges base. It heals .66% of health per second, with a 28 second action time and 80 second cool down.

Illinois cannot equip spotting aircraft. Instead, she has a special fighter with an improved action time of 120 seconds and a 40 second cool down. It has the "Enhanced Reactions" and "Interceptor" skills built in, which allow it to be far more effective against enemy aircraft, but removes the ability to spot over islands. There are 5 charges.

Illinois has emergency engine power. This consumable gives a 20% increase in speed for 30 seconds. It has 4 charges and 180 second cool down.

Lastly, she has a buffed Defensive AA fire. This has 6! charges with +300% flak damage and +50% continuous.  Action time is 30 seconds, cool down is 60 seconds.


Main armament: 3x3 406mm/50 caliber Mark 7

Illinois' guns are identical to the ones on Iowa and Montana. They have 30 second reload, 13500 max AP damage, 5700 max HE damage, and 36% chance of fire. The only differences are the WD-40 on her turrets lowering 180 degrees traverse time from 45 seconds to 36 seconds and her range being increased to 25km.

Secondary armament: 10x2 127mm/38 caliber Mark 12

Illinois' secondary mounts are identical to the ones on Massachusetts and Georgia. 4 second reload, 1800 max HE damage, 5% chance of fire, and 7.5km range base. They have the same improved dispersion formula and sigma. This gives her decent brawling potential with 11.3km max range with full build.


HP: 79000

Belt/Extremities/Superstructure: 307mm/32mm/19mm

Torpedo Belt: 40%

Illinois is one of the least tankiest T10 BBs. She has a weak belt and the 2nd worst HP pool. Her only saving graces are the improved American heal and her good TDS.


Long range: 5.8km range, 151 DPS, 8 flak

Mid range: 3.5km range, 318 DPS

Short range: 2km range, 214 DPS

With DFAA, mega-fighter, and large AA values, Illinois is an AA monster.


Speed: 33 knots

Turning circle: 920m

Rudder shift: 17.2 seconds

Illinois retains Iowa's poor handling. However, she also gets the Iowa class speed, which can synergize well with Emergency Engine power.


Concealment: 16.2km

With 12.7km with full build, Illinois is on the stealthier side of battleships.


So, what do you guys think? 


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Good thinking - I’d never heard of that design before. Creative!


I’d release her with her sister Kentucky, maybe with the proposed design to refit or finish an Iowa with a flight deck aft like Ise, a hybrid. 

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Illinois should also have a $0.50/gallon increase in fuel consumption costs over BB's named from neighboring states, and a $0.20/gallon increase from the national average.  We should also add a requirement for an Armament Identification Card if you want to equip or use your guns.

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In all honesty, this idea is a major "meh" for me.  It doesn't inspire me at all.

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As much as i'd love to see interesting USN paper designs in the game, this simply isn't one of them. It's not different from Iowa in ways that matter (in wows terms). Fast BB 38C (35kts, 3x3 16"/50, 320mm belt, 6x2 152mm, 67.3k tons) would be a much better proposal for an Iowa-like T10, although I'd prefer it in a fast BB split (which i was working on until WG announced the Vermont line, dammit)

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although I like the Fargo rebuild of the iowa (Fargo being the subclass of Cleveland that pioneered the condensed superstructure for the US) as people have mentioned I dont think it differs from the 2 already in game enough to warrant a new ship.

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Im always interested in having a post wwii refit Iowa at T10 in this game, 

I believe someone else put in an idea of a korean war specced New Jersey on the forums not too long ago as well that I also liked.

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