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The Yamato is one of the most accurate ships in the game. It should easily core a cruiser unless they have perfect angling. How are you leading your shots, and where are you aiming on the ship itself?


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1 hour ago, Admiral_443 said:

I’ve been playing for four years or more, and that game has changed a lot, but one thing that has changed a lot more has been the firepower, honestly, my ships look like they’re made of paper, because it’s a bludgeon that makes pity, apart from fires, ( 4 or 5 for battles) no longer has that glamor of before, weak rewards, very poor RXP, ships that don't even look like the real ones, because when you see a Yamato being destroyed by a cruiser you wonder, why do I play this? I think it is in the intention that the game becomes better, vain hope, because with each update the game gets worse, the battles are handled, you lose 20, then to make you happy they let you win two or three. I consider myself one reasonable sniper, but when I shoot the enemy ship, I hit him in the face and nothing happens, and when he retaliates almost destroys my ship it gives a great discouragement, and with each update they take more of the ship than they put, mainly in the power of fire, I don’t even care about fires anymore, nor do I use consumables, because the fires are one after the other, the story reports that YAMATO was practically invincible, so you see a beginner just because he bought a premium ship to defeat you, you, one veteran of more than four years in the game. Anyway, I don't even want to win battles, I play now just for playing, the game is no longer rewarding.

I feel the same way. I play for commander exp only in Co-Op and Operations. Don't care if it is a win or a loss as long as my commanders gain elite exp.

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