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USN DD Premium Proposal, T6

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Alright, cuz I like what I'm seeing in Spring Styles, time to bring another ship to the table (bottom one)

Link: https://www.ibiblio.org/hyperwar/OnlineLibrary/photos/images/s-file/s511-62c.htm

Also I may or may not have stolen LWM's premium review format


The lolibote in the bottom half, which I'll call Bainbridge after the first USN DD is the proposal. I believe she would make a good "Murican Friesland" at this tier.

Summary: A DD with powerful guns, high tier smoke, a heal, and strong AA that loses access to torpedoes.


USN DD guns with 3 second reload 

Improved USN smokes

Long range

DFAA with improved USN DD parameters

Can mount speed boost and DFAA at the same time

Good concealment

Small profile

360 degrees of turret traverse


No torpedoes

Insanely slow for a DD

Poor shell arcs


Skill floor: Casual

Skill ceiling: High

It's not easy to carry in Bainbridge, as you have no alpha strike. You can kill most other destroyers quickly, but Bainbridge falters when you must quickly kill an enemy capital ship. However, the heal gives you potential to outlast enemies. 


Slot 1: Damage control party (standard DD)

Slot 2: Smoke generator (USN variant)

Slot 3: Engine boost (standard DD)

Slot 4: Repair party (28 second duration, heals .5% per second, 3 charges)

Slot 5: Defensive AA fire (USN DD variant)


3x1 127mm Mark 12

3 second reload

These are the same guns as on Fletcher, but with improved reload by .3 seconds. 

Bainbridge has around 110k HE DPM and around 125k AP DPM, which are respectable at T6.

She has 360 degree turret traverse on all turrets, with good firing angles. However, shell arcs are poor.

Verdict: Mediocre, powerful guns but no torpedoes


HP: 12 000 

No armor to speak of

Bainbridge has an anemic HP pool, which is saved by her heal and small profile. This leaves her at a quite powerful total of 17040 HP with all heals used, before including Survivability Expert, India Delta, or Superintendent. With these applied, she has an impressive 23575 health.

Verdict: Extremely strong over time. Weak to burst damage.


Speed: 30 knots

Rudder shift: 3 seconds

Turning circle: 620m

VERY VERY VERY VERY Slow (this thing is like a destroyer escort), everything else is meh

Verdict: Poor

AA Firepower:

Long range: 5.8km

3 flak, 1540 damage each

DPS, 46

Mid range: 3.5km

DPS, 34 (total 80)

Close range: 2km

DPS 25 (total 105)

You have DFAA with improved parameters, but your standard values are mediocre. 

Verdict: Better than average, but there's not really a lot of competition. Won't save you from CV.

Refrigerator FREEZER 

Concealment: 7km

Air concealment: 2.5km

Smoke firing concealment: 2.5km

Bainbridge doesn't have any special consumables, but she is sneaky enough to outspot or outgun anything

Verdict: Good


Bainbridge a T6 Friesland/Daring mix. She doesn't need to rely on MBRB, or Radar, or gimmicks. She's got a heal, DPM, and that's about it. 

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My issue is, despite the fact these are the same Mk 30 mounts seen on Sims and Benson, the fact there's only 3 of them means that the ship has less DPM than the A-hull Monaghan which is what it will be competing with for sales. I like the improved AA, it's going to be very nasty at its tier, but if it's going to be that slow it needs some sort of additional defensive parameter as it will be extremely prone to rundowns. If this was a higher tier I'd suggest some sort of defensive radar like the PA line, perhaps a German hydro kit? It can compensate for his by having middling ASW capabilities when those are released.

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