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This has bugged me for a while, now...

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...The rewards tab has been profoundly uninformative, for quite a number of builds, now. It used to show you everything you got: flags, camos, doubloons, coal, steel, ships, etc.

For many moons now, it shows, what - flags from dailies, maybe flags from heroic achievements?

The substantial stuff, that people like to confirm during events, campaigns, etc, like the ships, commanders, resources, etc. NEVER shows?

Either fix it or remove it, but really, why was it so necessary to screw it up? What was it doing so desparately wrong that it needed WG’s deft, expert hand to rectify, in the first place?

Is it just another tentacle of WG’s policy to wanker up every aspect of their offerings?

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Yeah, I traded coal for a batch or Resolute and Rapid containers to get Sansonetti, I opened all at once, and didn't pay attention to anything besides the collection items, and then went back to see what else I had gotten....

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Yeah, that feature is probably on WG's to do list. Just don't expect it fixed right away. 

At least when I open a supercontainer, I don't get 100 detonation signals anymore.

*but is nervous to check next week now, because that is when the detonation signals usually shows up, then I hear laughing from the page that sounds like Jabba the Hutt.

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Ditto... I'd like the rewards to all show like they used to...

it doesn't even show flags (or anything else) from dailies..it only shows achievements rewards for me...oh yeah...& rewards from campaign tasks...it doesn't show that they're from campaign tasks (like it used to)...just that you got the reward.

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