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Battleship Alsace

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France Battleship





Quick Summary: The ship can be spec to fit different play style, decent hit with damage, can be tanky if angle probably, speed boost is extra depending on situation. 

Cost: 16 900 000 credit, 190 000 ship experiences


  • Good main battery turret traverse
  • Good shell velocity and AP penetration
  • Good firing angles for both frontal turrets, ideal when kiting/angling away
  • Heavy secondary armament with excellent base range
  • Strong AA suite when upgraded to Hull (B)
  • Very good torpedo damage reduction
  • Excellent top speed and access to the Engine Boost () consumable



  • Longer than average main battery reloads speed (32 sec)
  • Smallest gun caliber in tier/class, struggles to damage angled ships with 27mm of armor or better.
  • Short main battery range, one of the shortest among Tier 9 battleships
  • Poor main battery accuracy, with high dispersion and low sigma (1.6)
  • Secondaries require a heavy investment in commander skills to improve their penetration and accuracy.
  • Third lowest hit point pool in tier/class
  • Outer plating is mostly 32mm thick, extremely vulnerable to HE spams and 460/510mm AP over match



If players are looking for a quick guide to just jump right in and do so well straight away, SORRY, this is not a guide to do that. Because the ship is tech tree ship, meaning that you started off with stock, you had to grind for the B hull and other upgrade and by doing so after fully upgrade you may do well.

It designed for average players, who had some decent game played experiences, well knowledge of game mechanics and an open minded (there always someone else better than you at high tier game play; some day you will have good game/someday you going to have bad game, accept it; no-one perfect, it NOT your game, WoWs is a team game).

So, I started to advance to the Alsace when I am at the Richelieu (I wanted to play the Richelieu a bit longer, BUT …); and seeing player/s who not appreciate the Alsace and bashing her stat. I wanted to see if Alsace was that bad.

Equipped myself with Richelieu experiences (any all the t7/t6/t5 bb game plays), and enough research to accept that Alsace will be different (well derp …. Richelieu is bow in and extreme angling, Alsace is AB C gun lay out with speed boost. High tier game play), I purchased the Alsace with 6 skill points captain.



Compatible Upgrades


So, this is where you have to seriously think about Your own play style, experiences gained from previous tier and What you are really want to play.

There are several options to think about (each option testing cost dub to remove the upgrades):

1 – Pure fun secondary build – 2nd hilariously enjoyable to German BB 2ndary build

Auxiliary Armament Mod 1 + Damage control system Mod 1 + 2nd Battery Mod 1 + Damage Control system Mod 2 + CE + Auxiliary Armament Mod 1

1a – Hybrid 2ndary and survival

Damage Control Party Mod 1 + Damage control system Mod 1 + 2nd Battery Mod 1 + Damage Control system Mod 2 + CE + Auxiliary Armament Mod 1

2 – Pure main gun damage – nasty punch when play it right

Main Armament Mod 1 + Damage Control System Mod 1 + Aiming System mod 1 + Steering Mod 1 + CE + Main Battery Mod 1 or Gun Fire Control System Mod 1

2a – Main damage + survival

Main Armament Mod 1 + Damage Control System Mod 1 + Aiming System mod 1 + Damage Control System Mod 2 + CE + Main Battery Mod 1 or Gun Fire Control System Mod 1

2b – not really effective main damage + survival + 2ndary

Main Armament Mod 1 + Damage Control System Mod 1 + 2ndary Mod 1 + Damage Control System Mod 2 + CE + Main Battery Mod 1 or Gun Fire Control System Mod 1

3 – Pure survival build

Damage Control Party Mod 1 + Damage control system Mod 1 + Up to you to see fit + Damage Control system Mod 2 + CE + Up to you to see fit.

4 – Deadeye build – scrap this, Deadeye will be remove next update, and not really effective on any build, not really recommended due to long reload

Does it really matter? During the period of playing with Deadeye, because you are stay at range, you are likely to be focus by a dd or CV so depend on your skills/experiences you can choose whatever upgrades.


Based on the upgrades, you can then spec your captain skills to further enhance it.




At the point of writing this review, my captain started with 6 skills, calculated into my play style and other testing skills, it more fit into Pure Main damage. I am in the Alsace, traveling with the pack included dd+ cruisers, and I am not afraid to shoot at enemy dd. I always if spotted, shoot or trying to damage the dd first, then the cruiser. Imagined if you in your dd and suddenly you see enemy dd with bb back up/2ndary raining down on you situation, or bum rush into your smoke.




Ok ok, I think I am going too fast .. let slow the time down. When entering the game, I am checking out the enemy ships set up, the spawn location, the map and objective/s. You will have several seconds (20-15 secs) count down, use this time effectively. When game started, clearly communicate your plan (normally if you want to charge and take area control) or depend on your spawn location + your pack, let them know your plan.


At this point, I hope that you are experienced, so it included your firing, your confident, your used of map cover, how are you supporting your allies, are you been swamped and need to re- evaluate your plan. Do you need to use speed boost, what are your allies speed to get to the objective, if he smoke, can you take advantage of the smoke, what is your penalty fire inside smoke, distant and range, are you in danger (staying still inside smoke at early game sometime not a good idea depending on situation) and WHAT ARE YOU DOING and WHAT ARE YOU DOING NEXT!!


The next thing on the player mind is what angle needed to bounce AP shell?


asking @LittleWhiteMouse help and her insight

  • Alsace auto-ricochet angles on her AP shells started at 45º and will automatically ricochet at 60º to the perpendicular.
  • Alsace has asymmetrical fire arcs on her A & B turret (they fire one degree further off one side than the other).  A-turret appears to be the better of the two, though all three turrets have decent fire arcs, able to fire at a minimum of 31º off the bow/stern of the ship.
  • Her secondaries aren't really worth worrying about.  The lion's share of her secondary batteries are her 100mm guns and they don't have enough penetration to directly damage most of the ship hulls she faces.  Her fire arcs kinda meh with better rearward arcs than forward.

If enemy use AP when I am 45 degree angling and shooting at bow/mid/aft section, and we both moving, i cant keep 45 all the time (relative moving of 2 objects). If so, at which section that the 45 no longer bounce AP?


You need to be very steeply angled to guarantee a ricochet.  The chance for a battleship calibre shell to ricochet begins at 45º to the perpendicular and increases as the angle gets steeper.  The game performs a RNG roll to see if the shell slides off or not.  Here's the odds of a standard shell ricocheting:


• 45º - 6.25%

• 46º - 12.5%

• 47º - 18.75%

• 48º - 25%

• 49º - 31.25%

• 50º - 37.5%

• 51º - 43.75%

• 52º - 50%

• 53º - 56.25%

• 54º - 62.5%

• 55º - 68.75%

• 56º - 75%

• 57º - 81.25%

• 58º - 87.5%

• 59º - 93.75%

• 60º - 100%


So it's only when a target is 30º off your bow that you have a guaranteed chance to ricochet most AP shells (and only then if the shells don't overmatch, have improved auto-ricochet angles, or slam into some odd geometry on your ship). 


SAP round work different, it will pen your superstructure and depend on the person shooting at you (how good was his aiming skills/his knowledge of where to shoot when you angle).


HE round - Well i hope you are experienced enough to know how to use your damage control and your timing



Primary Armament


380 mm/45 Mle 19353 х 4 pcs

Availability of researchable upgrades for Alsace is as follows:

  • Hull: Upgrade to Hull (B) for improved rate of fire on her 100mm secondary batteries, additional health, a modest increase in anti-aircraft firepower, and improved rudder traverse speed.
  • Gun Fire Control System: Upgrade to PCA n° 9 Mle 2 for an extra 10% range on the main battery.
  • Propulsion: Upgrading the engines provides an additional 1.6 knots of maximum speed.

Reaching the Fire Control System first is the top priority, as Alsace’s stock range sits at 18.4km, lower than all her peers. Her stock hull anti-aircraft suite is surprisingly capable, and the only major downside of Hull (A) is the base 23.2 second rudder shift time; this leaves captains with a choice between Hull (B) — to greatly reduce her rudder shift and improve her survivability and AA — or her Fire Control System to boost her range as their first upgrade. Finally, her Engine upgrade can be saved for last, as her base top speed of 30.4 knots already makes her the second fastest Tier IX battleship.

I found that Alsace with Aiming System Modification assisted greatly and don’t need the range. I am constantly providing support to my dd at the edge of the cap or keeping myself around 7km from the edge of the cap or my distant just outside of enemy dd’s torp range but close enough to deal damage to enemy dd/cruiser while tanking potential damage. So Hull upgrade increased my chance of survival.

Often, the enemy scared when they saw a bb that can do severe damage or citadel cruiser while 2ndary working on the dd and switch back to dd when cruiser had turn away or whatever priority target first. If you position and judge the cap, you can also reach into another cap as well.



Secondary Armament



100 mm/45 Mle 1933 12 х 2 pcs.

  • Firing Range 7.95 km

152 mm/55 Mle 1936 3 х 3 pcs.

  • Firing Range 7.95 km

AA Defense

100 mm/55 CAD Mle 1945 12 х 2 pcs.

  • Average Damage per Second 177.6 
  • Firing Range 5.01 km.

152 mm/55 Mle 1936 3 х 3 pcs.

  • Average Damage per Second 24.9 
  • Firing Range 5.01 km.

37 mm/70 ACAD Mle 1936 12 х 2 pcs.

  • Average Damage per Second 145.2 
  • Firing Range 3.51 km.

20 mm/70 Mk20 10 х 2 pcs.

  • Average Damage per Second 61 
  • Firing Range 2.01 km.

I tried the 2ndary build and it the most ridiculously fun with hits, but not as much damage as I want. I already had the German bb build for 2ndary, I don’t need another build.



  • Maximum Speed 32 knot
  • Turning Circle Radius 910 m.
  • Rudder Shift Time 16.6 sec.

Needed the wiggling ability to dodge incoming torps and try to angle probably. Many time I told the red team I got WASD hack


Public chat

WASD HACK activated.

And watch the accusation spams


Durability and Defend

  • Hit Points 69,000 - stock hull
  • Hit Points 74,700 – B hull upgraded – “fully decked out” 


  • Surface Detectability Range16.74 km.
  • Air Detectability Range12.07 km.


My defends are my team that I tag along with, normally dd/cruiser. Nasty aa bubble when combined. The surrounding environment if there are island/s, when I shoot does it cover and mask my present. Can I surprise enemy cruiser/s. Fighter plane sometime help with spotting and further with the planning.


How to Kill It

In Destroyers: Only if you can surprise torp rush and passed through the dd/cruiser, or nasty torp salvo. Keep Alsace spotted and had your team burn her down. Count down the time of damage control (DC) usage and communicate it back to the team. If you zoom in you can see her HP go down or her burning anime, and check if it stop going down meaning that Alsace captain used the DC. Normal DC time is 40 sec.

Emilio Paolo is another yolo dd to watch out as her torp damage value are high.  


With Cruisers: You need to angle away HE to burn Alsace, switch to AP and switch back to HE when the DC used. Count how long it was used and select the ammo type.


For Battleships: Hit the Alsace with everything you got, support your dd/cruiser or you will be outnumbered very quickly.


Lastly Carriers: Keep her spotted and chip away her HP, focus fire her with F3 key, communicate your team to focus her when possible.


Overall Impressions

The Alsace is a completely different from Richelieu, and the Richelieu is different from the Lyon, and diversity with options. It up to you to figure out which best for you. It costly (don’t do what I did, testing out all the options as it cost dub to remove the modules).

I had best time tried each build and found out the best build that fit in my play style.

I am a supporter, I love to get in close for action and that my team knowing that they had a bb can be trust, who willing to push in and shoot at dd. Yes, sometimes you will eat torp, so what? You are a bb, you play game at high tier, meaning everyone else are somewhat more experiences, are better and it depend on the day, the game and the team you got. 


Also, Alsace is very effective against cruiser/dd at 12km - 15km.

You can deal with enemy bb once cruiser/dd are dead, or if you can micro managing, you can turn your guns on bb and let the 2ndary works on dd/cruiser. For me, i prefer taking out enemy dd/cruiser first. You can see from my screenshots, I always get citadels hits, kills and ribbon awards.  

Used your skills that you learned to help make your game play better and enjoyable.

Plan your movement, and your next moves. Always have 2 back up plan if the first one doesn’t work. Judged from how the battle turn out and re evaluate your game.   

Be confident when playing her (be confident in playing any ships), take advantage of her strength and hide her weakness. Learn how to shoot into smoke even you cant visually see the enemy boat (this is a skill), BUT, you can judge from the gun bloom and figure where the main boat body. Or learn how to rush/flush dd/cruiser inside their smoke. Do lots of practice and the reward are plentiful.

Last but not least, be unpredictable, WASD hack is your best friend (this is a skill, you need to dodge and survive long enough to do damage).

I don’t normally pick Priority Target as my capt skill, as soon as I am detected, depending on the game, I adjust accordingly because I am automatically spotted by a dd. When you are detected, you need to be unpredictable and prepared to dodge waves of torps. Another skills you need to learn. Take your aims (very important, this is when you SCARED the enemy if your shot connected), pick the right target to harass.

Of course, there are more to it, this is not a guide that if you followed it you will DO WELL straight away, in your 1st game, NO it NOT. It designs to express the pros/con and it up to you to see fit, its already work out well for me. Learnt the Alsace's characteristics/strengths and weakness and adjust to them. 


Not here looking for argument, if you intended to trolls, please created your own post. If you disagreed, please created your own post.


Recommended Modules




As a Tier IX ship, Alsace has access to all six Upgrade Slots. Alsace can build for Secondaries or AA (but the damage is not much).


Recommended Consumables

Long range shooting had it fun, but it not really the strength of the Alsace. But it also a build and if it fit your play style and you make it work out for you, by all mean go for it. Switch fighter to Spotter plane.

Alsace was not built for long range sniper; it reloads already slow. The shells had a better pen value/travel arc at mid-range/close-range.



Recommended Captain Skills




As an agile but fragile Tier IX battleship, Alsace benefits from almost any improvement to her survival department, but her secondaries and AA batteries are perfect for improving. General-purpose skills that benefit any Alsace captain include Preventive Maintenance, Grease the Gears, Adrenaline Rush, Superintendent, Concealment Expert, and Fire Prevention. From here you don’t have much left to add, I prefer to boost my survival.

If you are not supporting, you can go with 2ndary capt build Or

Boosting the consumable usage, anything that will help you get back to the fight ASAP.



Recommended Flags

 November Foxtrot (), India Delta (), and India Yankee (). Signals that increase experience and credit earnings can also be useful, as well as those that boost her secondary battery and anti-aircraft armament.

I always equipped detonation and ramming signal as well. Because of my play style, I am always expecting to eat torps and detonation is something that I keep monitor my ship. Space limited, I expected you known how detonation work.



Sometimes I found that the dd/cruiser do a ramming, attempt to take me out, so ramming signal work well in my flavor. Or if my team dying out, and I need to do something to help them, RAMMING SPEED, I am not afraid.

Extra 5% to speed signal, always used this.


Recommended Camouflage

Just like any other, it is best if you are not detected and able to rain shells at the enemy so any camouflage that at least have -3% to detection, +4% to enemy dispersion when shooting at you + any other extra bonus are "cherry on top".




Research material

WoWs' Wiki



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I want to bring some discussion. Often i see on forum that players complaining that when they brought new high tier ship, the new ship is S U C K, it a let down, its a downgraded. Here, think about it, when you advanced up, you are playing against better players, players who good at this game. Players who more experiences. Your ship is played is at stock, she is not fully upgraded like the lower tier ship you had played (probably fully decked out). The game dynamic are different.

But i started the Alsace with stock as well, i had to rush Richelieu to get to the Alsace. I had to go through all the grind just like any players. But why even at stock hull Alsace i am still do above average.


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Alsace still a good bote




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