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Transformers Event (Will there be a second one and if so an idea)

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With other events seemingly coming around again (And I am not solely referring to WG made events such as Key Battles and the like) as it looks by them constantly bringing back the anime ship's and their commanders is their a possibility other franchises will make a return as well. I would love if the Transformers event would come back as it was a personal favorite of mine as a kid. If it were to indeed come back I have a suggestion as to what ships would get skins. There are two lesser known ones that actually transform into CV's. The Autobots had Broadside and the Decepticons had Tidal Wave. You could actually make the ship skin themselves as in just actually make the ship them instead of having one riding it. The ships I would suggest for the two getting the skins are as follows (1 tech tree and 1 premium option for each).

For Tidal Wave he was always shown to be more heavily armed than a typical carrier carrying many weapons himself and not just acting as a staging platform. I would suggest either the Manfred Von Richtofen (For sheer size and armament) as he was huge. As for the premium option maybe the Graff Zeppelin as again a substantial armament in and of itself. 

For broadside I would suggest the Midway or either the Enterprise/Saipan (Saipan as Enterprise was removed a while back and I don't foresee it coming back due to how strong it is). You could say since there were always fewer but better Autobots around Saipan works in that sort of a way.

I would of course love to get skins for the tech tree carriers so everyone can use them without having to drop even more money for the ship but hey it's WG maybe to make it happen at all you got to dangle more money in front of them. SO to sum it up;

Tidal Wave = MvR

Broadside = Midway

Transformers = Money (Well at least for me I can't speak for everyone else and don't know the statistics of the event but I assume other people liked it)

Reason I making this seemingly random post is I just watched Bumblebee and the first scene was so awesome and for some reason I thought of this.

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30 minutes ago, Yesman1337 said:

I would love if the Transformers event would come back as it was a personal favorite of mine as a kid.

Like any any license required event, its uncertain if they will return or not....  This is out of WG's control... Sometimes, WG has to "adapt" to license disputes...

One the famous examples was the Steven Seagal cpt and his egg hunt removal...

So in essence, these events are unique in terms of their viability... They may return in a later date or its one and done.

My advise is enjoy every event while it lasts, it maybe the last time you get to see or experience other's license content in the game...

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You don't really get to appreciate some of the collaborations until it's too late.  The Arpeggio ones at first kind of looked like clones with fancy paint until they were premium tweaked or you wanted something different to spice up the game.  At first I wasn't to excited about the Transformer content, but It wasn't until I died in battle and watched over a clan mates shoulder that I saw (and heard) how cool the Transformers skins were.  The event was over so I was out of luck.  It would be a shame if other people who wanted them didn't get another stab at picking them up.  You  can tell that War Gaming put allot of effort into creating them.  They look like good value for $. @Hapa_Fodder   Maybe a re-release?

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