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Suggestion to fighter consumable for CV's

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Fighter Consumable is kind of lack luster, doesn't get anything done (unless the enemy CV is totally oblivious or doesn't care, which doesn't count).

I just had 3 games, where I tried to play supportive, and aggressively defensive. What I mean, is that I sailed my CV with my teammates, but back a bit. I was out of AA cover range as that would of course put me in direct range of enemy BB's, etc. A dead CV isn't a useful CV, but I was within range to easily drop a fighter squadron within 5-10 seconds at any moment. Which I did.. frequently..

My own attacks were timed so well that the moment I took off to attack again, incoming enemy CV planes were on their way, and I could drop my fighters as need be...

I felt like a grand master chess player, as I was always where I needed to be, and always had a fighter cover available at just the right time to defend my teammates.


So here's the problem...

If I drop them early.. the enemy CV just chooses a different target in the group... It's a deterrent, but one that doesn't feel good. The enemy CV still gets to get off his attack, and you've just wasted a consumable that might be handy later on as your own personal fighter group if your team starts losing and you come under attack. Or as spotters above smoke screens, which arguably, would be more useful letting the team know if the DD is moved outside of it, or if incoming torpedoes are present..

If I drop them just as the enemy CV commits to an attack, the fighters take so long to come down, he's already either recalled the rest of his planes, or again, is already attacking another group with a boost, and outside of the fighters engagement range..


It's a lose/lose. It feels like crap for your teammates, and like crap for the CV player, especially if he's pulling out all the stops, and pulling 300IQ plays to be everywhere at once, and within strike range of anything...



CV Players who are actively protecting their teammates, taking time away from just scoring points and playing selfishly, and are working with the team should be rewarded. It should feel rewarding for the friendly ships who see the protection, and feel rewarding for the CV player. 



I'm not saying all of these suggestions need to happen, it's more whatever will be the best choice. It can be a mix match of any one of these.

1) Increase the range of fighter consumables (This is a straight buff)

2) Delete the tier 4 fighter consumable.. (Why does every option for fighters have to have equally egregious punishments attached?) Replace it with Boom n Zoom.

Boom n Zoom: Fighters have a -60% time to their Arrival time, and will immediately engage hostile planes.

--------------- OR ---------------------

I kind of prefer this idea, but I have no idea how it'd actually play out. It would though give more dynamic options to the CV player, and allow for risk/reward choices, as well as more reactive, and rewarding options for defending teammates.

- Every squadron of planes launched comes with fighters already, these fly at a higher altitude in formation.

- These fighters will actively engage enemy fighters trying to shoot down squadron planes.

- The number of fighters is directly proportional to the number of attack planes in the squadron. (1 fighter, for every attack plane)

- The fighter cover consumable acts the same ultimately but with some significant changes. 

1) Pressing the button will tell the fighters to patrol/defend a location until shot down, the timer runs out, or the attached squadron is destroyed, or returning to base.

2) The attacking planes will immediately be able to attack enemy planes.

3) The fighters will not defend the squadron directly until recalled. (if the fighters are recalled from the patrol setting, they will not be able to be set to patrol again, and will take time to get to the friendly attack squadron).

These changes would allow the CV player to help teammates defensively, while making risk/reward choices.

If the friendly CV player see's incoming enemy attack planes, he can follow, and or more reactively help defend his teammates. Or he can drop them over a spot he thinks a DD might be traveling. (This is something they can already do). The risk here is that his squadron is now completely vulnerable to enemy fighters, who can more quickly engage his squadrons if an enemy CV is ready for him.




I'm not sure what options would be best, either way. The fighter consumable feels very lack luster either way.


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TBH I'd prefer it be a separate AI-controlled flight that, when you're in CV, you simply select the sector or ship you want them patrolling, and they fly there to do that. You have total of 3 such flights that last until shot down or 4 min pass, whichever happens first.

I'd have them gain 10% speed if detect enemy planes.

Problem is WG doesn't seem to want CVs too easy when it comes to trying to shut the other one down.

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It keeps you from swinging around and getting another attack.

AA and fighters cost planes and stop another attack.  

Fighter are more deterrent than damage dealer. Of you make the CV recall his plans thats a much as 3 or 4 min. Plus the target now has to change" or by the time planes get back to set the fire dam com could be back up.

Fighters are effective just not with damage.


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