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question about dispersion and spotting aircraft consumable

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Hi, I have a question about the dispersion. I mostly play with BB's, and some have the extended range consumable. 

Looking at the max dispersion on Mass, it says 272. The max firing range is 21.2km and thats before the consumable. I'd imagine the max dispersion is what we will always get when we fire at a target 21.2km away, so, when I use the consumable which extends my firing to 25km, the max dispersion of 272 is now based off of firing at 25km.

So instead of using it for longer ranges, If I use the consumable for a target at lets say 10km away, then the dispersion should be much tighter as opposed to firing at the same target without the consumable active, right? 

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12 minutes ago, EAG711 said:


Nope. Spotting aircraft do not change the dispersion at the same distance. The curve remains the same. When your max range increases the dispersion goes up at max range because you are firing further. 

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7 minutes ago, RipNuN2 said:

Nope. Spotting aircraft do not change the dispersion at the same distance. The curve remains the same. When your max range increases the dispersion goes up at max range because you are firing further. 

back to deadeyeing I go!!

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I've seen LWM say something about spotting aircraft improving dispersion, but I could be wrong.

Perhaps she could clarify.



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The mysteries of dispersion are a thrilling and engaging subject for literally dozens of players.

My dubious understanding on dispersion comes from the the wiki, LittleWhiteMouse's reviews and proships.ru along with IChase's youtube series and How it Works videos, if you want to have a deep dive into.

There are 3 major components to accuracy: horizontal dispersion, vertical dispersion and Sigma.

What the dispersion port value refers to is specifically horizontal dispersion which how far a shot can fall to the left/right of the point you aim at.

There are to my knowledge 12 horizontal dispersion formula
A common example is "American Battleship Dispersion"   which is   (Range in km) x 10m + 60m      






(which is then modified by Aiming System upgrades etc)



Destroyers and IJN CAs        (Range in km) x 7.5m + 15m                128m@15km                

All destroyers of all tiers and nations σ2.0.

All IJN cruisers except Mogami mounted with the 155mm guns

Premium US Cruisers: Albany σ2.0?, Atlanta σ1.7, Flint σ1.7? 

Premium Russian cruiser tIII Aurora σ2.0?, tX Smolensk σ2.0, 

Premium French cruiser: tX Colbert σ2.0


Cruisers                          (Range in km) x 6.9m + 33m                137m@15km

All cruisers Tier I to Tier VIII cruisers unless otherwise mentioned.        σ2.0

All cruisers Tier IX and Tier X cruisers unless otherwise mentioned.      σ2.05

IJN Cruiser: tVIII Mogami mounted with the 155mm guns (σ2.0?)

UK Premium Cruiser: tVIII Cheshire        σ2.05

US Premium Cruiser: tIII St. Louis σ1.8, tIII Charleston σ1.8, tVIII AL Montpelier σ2.15

German Premium Cruiser: tIX Siegfried σ2.05 (yes really)


Azuma and Yoshino Dispersion”         (Range in km) x 9.5m + 15m                158m@15km

IJN Premium Cruisers: tIX Azuma σ2.05,  tX Yoshino σ2.05 

Russian Cruisers: tIX Riga σ2.05, tX Petropavlovsk σ2.05


Tallinn and Mikoyan”         (Range in km) x 9.3m + 26m                166m@15km

Russian Cruisers: tV Mikoyan σ2.05, tVIII Tallinn σ2.05

(Thanks again hanesco)

Graf Spee Dispersion”/”Battlecruiser Dispersion”     (Range in km) x 8.4m + 48m        174m@15km

German Premium Cruisers: tVI Admiral Graf Spee σ1.9, tIX Agir σ2.05

US Premium Cruiser tIX Alaska σ2.05

Russian Premium Cruiser: tX Stalingrad  σ2.65

US Premium Battleships: tVII Florida σ1.7, tIX Georgia σ1.8

UK Premium Battleship: tX Thunderer σ1.9

French Premium Battleship: tVIII Champaign σ2.0


"Slava Dispersion"        (Range in km) x 5m + 105m                        180m@15km

Russian Premium Battleship: tX Slava σ1.9

I've seen Slava's dispersion described as getting better at long range but I assume this is just hyperbole. It does only gain 5m per km however.


"Mikasa Dispersion"                (Range in km) x 7.7m + 69m                185m@15km

Premium IJN Battleship: tII Mikasa σ1.8

A shock to anyone who has ever actually tried to shoot anything with Mikasa...


"Japanese Battleship Dispersion"        (Range in km) x 7.2m + 84m        192m@15km

Techtree IJN  Battleships: tIII Kawachi σ1.8,  tIV Myogi σ2.0, tV Kongo σ1.8, tVI Fuso σ1.5, tVII Nagato σ2.0, tVIII Amagi σ1.8, tIX Izumo σ2.0, tX Yamato  σ2.1

Premium IJN  Battleships: tIV Ishizuchi        σ2.0, tVI Mutsu σ1.8, tVII Ashitaka σ1.8, tVIII Kii        σ1.7, tVIII Ignis Purgatio/Ragnarok σ1.9, tIX Musashi σ1.8, tX Shikishima  σ2.1

Pan Asian Premium Battleship: tIX Bajie  σ2.1


"Warspite Dispersion"                                 (Range in km) x 10.3m +51m                206m@15km

UK Battleship: tVI Queen Elizabeth σ2.0

UK Premium Battleships: tVI Warspite σ2.0, tVII Hood 1.9s, tVIII Vanguard σ2.0

US Premium Battleship: tX Ohio σ2.0


"American Battleship Dispersion"                            (Range in km) x 10m + 60m        210m@15km

US Battleships: tIII South Carolina σ1.9, tIV Wyoming σ1.5, tV New York σ1.8, tVI New Mexico σ1.5, tVII Colorado σ2.0, tVIII North Carolina σ2.0, tVIII Kansas σ1.5, tIX Iowa σ1.9, tIX Minnesota 1.8, tX Montana σ1.9, tX Vermont σ1.95

US Premium Battleships: tIV Arkansas Beta σ1.5, tV Texas σ1.8, tV Oklahoma σ1.8, tVI Arizona σ1.8, tVI W. Virginia 1941 σ1.8, tVII California σ1.9, tVIII Alabama σ1.9, tVIII Massachusetts σ1.7, tIX Missouri σ1.9

US Premium Cruiser: tX Puerto Rico  σ2.2

UK Battleships: tIII Bellerophon σ1.8, tIV Orion σ1.6, tV Iron Duke σ1.8, tVII King George V σ1.8, tVIII Monarch σ1.8, tIX Lion σ1.8, tX Conqueror σ1.8

UK Premium Battleships: tIII Dreadnought σ1.8, tVII Duke of York σ1.8, tVII Nelson σ1.9

German Battleships: tIII Nassau σ1.8, tIV Kaiser σ1.8, tV König σ1.8, tVI Bayern σ1.8, tVII Gneisenau σ1.8, VIII Bismarck σ1.8, tIX Friedrich der Große σ1.8,  tX Großer Kurfürst σ1.8

German Premium Battleships: König Albert σ1.8, tVI Prinz Eitel Friedrich  σ2.0, tVII Scharnhorst  σ2.0, tVIII Tirpitz σ1.8, tVIII Odin σ2.0, tIX Pommern σ1.5

Russian Premium Battleships: tIV Nikolai I σ2.0, tV Oktyabrskaya σ1.8, sVII Poltava σ1.7, tIX AL Sov. Rossiya σ1.8

Russian Premium Cruiser: tIX Kronstadt σ2.05


"Russian Battleship Dispersion"                                               (Range in km) x 11.9m + 33m        212m@15km

Russian Battleships: tIII Knyaz Suvorov σ1.5, tIV Gangut σ1.4, tV Pyotr Velikiy σ1.7, tVI Izmail σ1.6, tVII Sinop σ1.5, tVIII Vladivostok σ1.6, tIX Sovetsky Soyuz σ1.7, tX Kremlin σ1.8

Russian Premium Battleships: tVIII Lenin σ1.7


"The Dispersion formerly known as German Battleship"            (Range in km) x 9.8m + 66m           213m@15km

French Battleships: tIII Turenne σ1.8, tIV Courbet σ1.8, tV Bretagne σ1.8, tVI Normandie σ1.6, tVII Lyon σ1.5, tVIII Richelieu σ1.8, tIX Alsace σ1.6, tX Republique σ2.0

French Premium Battleships: VI Dunkerque σ1.7, VIII Gascogne σ1.9, VIX Jean Bart σ1.9, tX Bourgogne σ1.8

Italian Premium Battleships: tV Giulio Cesare σ1.9, tVIII Roma/AL Littorio σ1.8

Pan European Premium Battleship: tV Viribus Unitis σ1.8


Sigma is about how often shells fall towards the centre of the "dispersion ellipse"

However vertical dispersion (shots falling too short/too far) is still very poorly understood by the playerbase  and we're not given clear explanation how it works.

Some recent player research indicates it *might* actually benefit from spotting planes as increases to range by upgrades and skills *might* reduce vertical dispertion.

See LWM's thread and reddit thread on this subject.


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