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Nice! I am a retired railroader. I still do consulting work and never really stopped working. 51st year in the business. A late friend of mine who worked with me as a locomotive engineer at QNS&L and later went to BC Rail back in the day went and obtained his steam ticket so he could operate BC Rails two tourist steamers, ex-CP Royal Hudson and a Selkirk. His Dad, who also worked at QNS&L until his untimely death, was steam qualified having worked at CP for almost 20 years back in the 40s and 50s and he wanted to do the same.  I have been aboard both those ex-CP steam engines pre-CN takeover. My very first cab ride was with my uncles on a CN 6100-class Northern when I was 8 years old behind my grandparents' house for a 7-mile short turnaround trip to pick up a couple of late delivery freight cars on a Sunday afternoon. Like Goscinny's Obelix character, I fell into the cauldron of magic potion at an early age.

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