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Bots that WG Discontinued during Alpha and Beta

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They were created by Developers for the game during Alpha and Beta. But proved too strange to be kept in the game.

They are..

The Other Bots.

:Han: Likes to Yolo, has a devilishly handsome smile. Created by one of the Lady Devs purely out of fantasy. He was imagined with really tight pants in human form.

He used to spam chat with: "Turn the ship around. It had to be AP. That is not an island that's a Colorado. Nice shot kid."

He had a tendency to swing his Rear BB turret to a human player and shoot them while engaging a human player in front of him. Human players complained. Especially, one player named Jabba. WG removed him and placed him in carbonite.

:Emo: Another created by the Lady Devs. Tended to be rather handsome with hair all over the eyes. Emotional, yet less hairy than typical Russian man. (This perturbed the guys at WG, but it is a digital guy) He wore a open shirt with frills like a pirate and a kilt. (yes, confusing)

He spammed chat with: "I got your HE spam right here, do you want it on your back or lower...Here are the torpedoes you always dreamed about in Shimakaze wall of skill. Let's pretend the lights are out and they find you slowly touching you 15 at a time."

Players complained because it made them "uncomfortable" with a few saying if it is at all possible that he is available for a date.

WG removed him on account he was setting up some players for unreasonable expectations and others for extreme disappointment.

:Charon: A Female bot and one of two developed as such with alluring yet deadly personalities. She has a tendency to flirt in ways that defies logical convention. She attacked an entire group of players while saying: "Hello boys, which one of you has the long lance and which one has the hard pen, because I want both, but If you fail, I will be doing it instead. And some of you will be terrified, but like it. "

She eventually started to like a certain Alpha test player and WG had to remove her because she excessively attacked him every day. 

Her talent was to torpedo from cover while whipping around like a snake on a pole. It was a thing to behold until you were the victim.

:Penelope: A British AI bot that was supposedly to act polite and still be an efficient bot. She sank players in her cruisers of choice and always with a zig zag that left little to the imagination. She burned ships down with efficient zeal and also did rather embarrassing things to BBs. 

Her infamous lines were: "Oh my, did I do that to your poor BB backside? Did it hurt player? I can send another torpedo. Are 3 fires okay? Let me know if I can add another."

She often made players cry. WG had to move her over to EU server and rename her. Name is classified.

:CrazyIvan: A stout strong Russian bot AI that at the time had no Russian ships to use. Yet WG created him so he could be tested. He is well beloved because he would take any BB and yolo into cap with :Han: and just fight like real man. The women at WG would sigh at his bravery. Even his chest hair had its own followers on Twitter. For a bot, that is quite an achievement. 

His famous lines are often quoted by players to this day often by accident. But here are some he made back then.

"I go in, I shoot boats. I go out, I leave a mess. Somebody clean up mess, I am not going to. I fight like man, even though I am a robot made of Stalinium. There is no Russian bias,  I am WG's favorite. I must break humans. "

Eventually, players complained of Ivan's OP nature in Alpha. He was gone by closed beta, but placed in all Kremlins in spirit in co-op as tribute. Philigula keeps a picture of him on his desk. "Manliest bot in WG, Crazy Ivan."




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