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Smalland OWSF

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I didn't watch the replay but it can be done by firing just before you leave firing range and is not something that can be relied on.

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OK, so I watched the replay.

This is the deal...you were still detected, so the Smaland knew where to aim.  You were outside his firing range, but sailing into it.  Teetering on the edge, he was able to shoot undetected because you were outside his range as he was firing, but you were sailing forward into his shells as they landed.  I get the opportunity to exercise this tactic from time to time.

It is a dead giveaway when the Smaland stops his forward progress and sails backwards...and that is when you pick him back up, again.  He corrects, moves just beyond firing range and goes undetected...but since YOU are still moving forward, you run into his shots.

This tactic can only work if you are sailing towards your opponent, just outside the edge of his firing range.  It is only effective if he can see you will doing it.  In a BB vs DD encounter, that is easy.

*edit - ...and you have two threads on this, and the other thread explained what I did about an hour prior.  Sheesh.  This is why I despise two threads about the same topic!  :cap_viking:

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