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New ranked battles suck

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For carriers at least, the new ranked battles are really unplayable. Carriers were never terribly over-powered in the old ranked games. I'd do about average, but never really inflict much damage on anyone.

Now that carriers are always bottom tier, there's really not much point in even playing the game, as all I can do is spot. My planes are shot out of the air miles before they even reach a single destroyer, and in the rare event when I'm able to complete a pass, my attacks to virtually no damage from any type of plane.

Anyone else feel this way?

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Nothing put a bigger smile on my face than seeing that I had an “Expert” CV player on my team for my must win final game to get into the silver league. He/she did a great job picking up 2 kills and keeping the enemy on their toes. 

As always, a great CV can swing the game...

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It's always a matter of "who has the better CV now" that determines what team will win.  By the look of your stats, I feel for anyone that is on your team.

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